The Best Christmas Gifts for Drummers

Christmas is right around the corner and, if you aren’t sure what to buy the special drummer in your life, it may not be the most wonderful time of the year. At the end of the day, purchasing Christmas gifts for a drummer can be difficult, especially if you’ve never touched a drum set yourself. Fortunately, Music & Arts has drummed up a list of our favorite gifts for professional and amateur drummers alike. Some make perfect stocking stuffers, while others are ideal for the main event. Regardless, these Christmas gifts will help your drummer drum more stylishly, comfortably, and passionately.

Ultimate Drummer’s Tool

Unlike many other instruments, being a drummer means working with a lot of different tools. From drum heads that need to be tightened to pedals that need adjusting, there’s almost always a part of their drum set that a drummer needs to tighten, loosen, adjust, or replace. With a nifty all-in-one drummer’s tool, your drummer will have access to all the tools they need in one handy tool. Plus, many of these tools are small enough for a drummer to carry with them. With this handy tool, they’ll never be stuck searching for a tool again. Since many of these drummer’s tools come with a limited warranty, they can get the tool replaced if any of the tools break, stop working, or go missing within the specified time period.

CruzTOOLS Drum Multi-Tool Standard This Groovetech Drum Multi-Tool from CruzTOOLS was developed to quickly remedy problems on virtually all makes and models of drums. Its functionality starts with a drum key that’s made to the same high standards as CruzTools’ T-Handle Drum Key. No multi-tool would be complete without the standard array of screwdrivers, so a 5mm slotted and #1 and #2 Phillips are provided. Learn More.

Magazine Subscriptions

From Drumeo Edge to Modern Drummer, there are quite a few magazine subscriptions targeted to drummers that can be purchased for under $30/year. By purchasing them a subscription to a drum magazine, your gift will be enjoyed long past the Christmas season. If the drummer in your life seems to really enjoy their subscription the first year you give it to them, you can always renew the subscription each and every year. Just think- you could have your gift for this drummer covered for the next decade! If you aren’t sure what type of magazine they’ll enjoy and don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking, you can always purchase a more generic music magazine subscription, such as Rolling Stone or MOJO.

Rhythm Watch

If your drummer would prefer to wear their metronome around their wrist, a rhythm watch is the perfect gift. Built to withstand the energy of its wearer, a rhythm watch is an incredibly stylish way for your drummer to keep time. In many cases, rhythm watches function as more than a metronome:  some include calorie counters, stopwatches, kitchen timers, and metronomes all in one stylish watch. Many vibrate with the beat, so the drummer won’t have to struggle to hear the click-click of a metronome. If your drummer prefers to keep things traditional, you can’t go wrong with a standard metronome. Available in many sizes and digital formats, you can easily find the perfect metronome for the drummer in your life.

Korg MA-1 Digital Metronome The MA-1 is a compact metronome that solidly covers all the basics with a broad tempo range and a rich variety of beats and rhythm patterns. The MA-1 also shows the beat in an innovative way that makes practicing easier. With stylish design and reliable functionality, this is an indispensible rhythm training aide for any musician. Learn More.

Formal Wear Accessories

Most drummers are looking to stand out and, if they wear frequently wear suits, this can be difficult since most formal wear and formal wear accessories look the same. Fortunately, you can help personalize your drummer’s look by purchasing them drum-themed cufflinks, ties, or bow ties. Available in designs that range from wacky and over-the-top to subdued and classy, you’ll be able to find the perfect drum-themed formal wear accessories for the drummer in your life. Since formal wear accessories tend to be a matter of preference, be sure to get a gift receipt if they’re available. This way, your drummer will be free to trade in your gift for something that may better suit their style.

Practice Pad

Although drummers need to practice, practicing the drums can be difficult. Whether they live in an apartment complex, have a newborn in the family, or live in an area with noise restrictions after a certain hour, your drummer finding  the perfect time to practice the drums isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Fortunately, practice pads can help drummers practice while also staying quiet. Many professional grade practice pads have a realistic bounce and come in multiple sizes. Note: this is also a great way to drop a subtle hint to your drumming neighbor to keep it quiet.

HQ Percussion RealFeel 2-Sided Speed and Workout Drum Pad You can either get your sticks flying or build your chops with this compact practice drum pad. 6″ diameter pad has a gum rubber side for speed and a neoprene surface for workout practice. Learn More.

Music Lessons

Giving the gift of music (literally) is truly the gift that keeps on giving. After all, everything else on this list won’t matter if the drummer doesn’t even know how to play. Whether you write them a check, send them a gift card, or pay for their lessons in-person or online, your drummer will love that they’re saving money while still getting a premium music education. Music & Arts is the nation’s largest private music lesson provider and teaches over 1 million lessons each year, so it’s a great place to start. For those who truly are impossible to shop for, we also sell gift certificates- just choose any amount between $10 and $2,500.

Drumstick Chopsticks

Why eat take-out with disposable chopsticks when your drummer can eat their meal in style? If you purchase your drummer a set of drumstick chopsticks, they’ll appreciate the personalization and creativity that went into the gift. While you’re at it, purchase them a set of real drumsticks. Since many drummers are constantly breaking or damaging their drumsticks, a spare set is always appreciated. Individual drumsticks are typically $10/pair, while bricks of 6-12 pairs can range from $60-$120, depending on how many you purchase. Note: drumsticks tend to be a matter of preference, so unless you know the brand and type of drumsticks your drummer prefers, get a gift receipt or purchase another gift on this list.

Music & Arts 5A Music & Arts Drumstick Standard * Maple wood body. * 5A wood tip Learn More.


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