How to Get the Most out of Your Rental Instrument

The summer months tend to bring with them a variety of different things. Beach trips, vacation days…and no instrument practice? That’s right! Would you believe that nearly 75% of school music students don’t touch their instruments all summer?! In fact, many parents think returning their rental instrument is what they’re supposed to do at the end of the school year. However, returning your instrument after weeks, months, or even nearly a year of renting with Music & Arts under your belt will cause you to miss out on rental benefits you might not have realized you had!


This six letter word is your new best friend. But what does it mean? Put simply, equity means “ownership.” Or, when applied to your instrument, it means rental credit. As it turns out, your rental payments are actually doing double duty! When you pay, you are continuously building credit towards any exchange, upgrade, or future ownership of your rental instrument. 


Learning to play a new instrument is an exciting but uncertain time. Will you enjoy and stick with it, or will you decide it’s not for you and try a different instrument instead? The answer to this question is something you only find out once you give it a shot, and that’s why renting is a great idea. You get the chance to try it out without committing to a purchase, and you enjoy some other benefits as well. Now, months later, you have decided the instrument you chose just isn’t quite right for you. That’s completely okay! You may exchange it for another instrument of equal or greater value throughout the life of the agreement. The best part? All of the equity you built on your old instrument rolls over to your new one!


Beginner level instruments are a lot like “easy mode” in a video game. When you upgrade, a step-up instrument is “intermediate” and professional instruments are for “experts.” Therefore, beginner instruments have a lot of the advanced features omitted from the instrument. If a student has truly mastered the beginner level instrument, then a step-up instrument is the next move. After the school year has ended, talk with your student’s school music program director or private lessons instructor to see if it’s time for a step-up rental! Don’t immediately return the beginner instrument.n If they are ready, the process works similar to an exchange, and yes – all your equity rolls over! 


Did you know all of our rental customers are eligible for special purchase options? It’s true. When you participate in the rent-to-own program, you are actually working towards paying off your instrument! This puts a finish line on your rental payments and means that if you stick with the new instrument, eventually it will be yours and you can freely carry on your progress with no strings attached. There are several states that do not allow rent-to-own programs, but you can typically still apply your rental equity to the purchase of a similar instrument to take advantage of ownership.

Early Purchase Discount

Ready to buy your instrument a little earlier than expected? No problem! An early purchase discount goes hand-in-hand with our rent-to-own program. It means that if you decide to buy out the instrument before the rental term is up, you’ll receive a discount in addition to the payments you’ve already made. Music & Arts typically offers a 30% discount on your remaining rental balance, but some discounts may vary by store. Contact your local Music & Arts for specifics, should you decide to pay off your instrument rental early!


Whether it’s a part of a school music program, private lesson, or just independent fun… if you or your child intend to continue playing after the summer break, don’t give up on your rental instrument! The friendly staff at Music & Arts are happy to explain how your contract works. Regardless if you rent in-store or online, there is always a staff member ready to help answer your questions. Get the most out of your rental instrument this summer and #KeepTheMusicGoing


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