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Music Student Learning

Upgrade Your Sound for the Ride of Your Life

By Dr. David W. Vandewalker For most of my childhood I had two passions: music and bikes. I would wake up excited to go to school because I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. I would jump on my bike riding to my friend’s house; together we would zoom off to school. It was always […]

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Playing Keyboard

The Transformative Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

From the resonant chords of a guitar to the gentle melody of a piano, music has a profound impact on our lives. While being a devoted listener can bring joy and solace, there’s something truly magical about playing an instrument.   Beyond the enchantment of producing beautiful sounds, the benefits of this pursuit extend far […]

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Music Composers

A History of Influential Music Composers

Behind every melody that stirs our souls and every harmony that transports us to another realm lies the genius of a music composer. Composers are architects of sound, crafting masterpieces that define and transcend eras. In this post, we will explore the lives and works of some of the most influential music composers, individuals whose […]

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Yamaha HD-300

The Yamaha HD-300 Harmony Director: A Powerful Tool Designed for Music Educators

The Yamaha HD-300 Harmony Director is a powerful tool. Designed specifically to help music educators more effectively instruct ensembles. The HD-300 helps educators teach intonation and rhythmic training using a variety of features and training tools including recording/playback, a hold button for hands-free resonant drones, and an improved user-friendly interface for an easier and more […]

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Picture of students playing instruments.

How To Talk To Parents About Step Up Instruments

Tips and resources for how to talk to parents about stepping up from a beginner instrument to an intermediate or advanced one.

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Three Tips for Introducing Improvisation to Your Students

Introducing improvisation is one of the most important exercises a music educator can share with their students. Whereas drills, sight-reading exercises, and playing through sheet music develops a budding music student’s discipline and technique, improvisation is vital because it prioritizes and celebrates their creativity. When music educators don’t take improvisation seriously, students miss out on […]

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Jazz Improvisation with Creative Essential Elements

by John Kuzmich, Jr., Ph.D. Computers, tablets, smartphones, DVDs. CDs are all great learning tools.  Let’s look at how our students can maximize learning and fun in their jazz playing experience.  Perhaps the most user-friendly, interactive practice experience is with new and improved play-along recordings.  Digital innovations have lifted old drill-n-practice play-alongs into great improvisation […]

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Dan Lynch and Chris Stout

A Lesson Student’s Journey: Dan Lynch of Franklin, TN

Dan Lynch (left) and his instructor Chris Stout (right). As one of the country’s largest instrument retailers and music lesson providers, we at Music & Arts pride ourselves on helping musicians and students reach their full musical potential. Nothing gives us more joy than when we hear about the success and progress of our students.  […]

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Register as a Music Educator with Music & Arts

  When you became a music educator, you likely weighed the pros and cons of the job. However,  you may not have anticipated that part of the job included things like: researching and shopping for your classroom and student needs, maintaining and repairing instruments your program inherited from prior programs, or navigating uncharted waters like […]

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Become a Lesson Instructor with Music & Arts

The field of music education provides many options for professionals interested in teaching. Many musicians, for example, choose to become a private music lesson instructor. This rewarding career gives you an array of choices ranging from starting your own lesson studio to working with an established lesson business like Music & Arts.  As one of […]

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