Educator Interview: Transitioning to Classical Guitar
Transitioning to Classical Guitar

Transitioning to Classical Guitar by William Fitzhugh I have been teaching guitar for far longer than most of my students have been alive, and as I’m sure will be no surprise, most…

Flute Buyers Guide | The Vault @ Music and Arts
Flute Buying Guide

Flute Buying Guide The flute is one of the most recognizable instruments in the world, not to mention having an incredibly long history. With all that time, and the changes and improvements…

Artist Interview: Casey Cooper

Artist Interview: Casey Cooper Casey is the first artist signed to Pearl’s artist roster based on his internet success along with his playing ability. Casey has over 674,000 followers to his Youtube…

Artist Interview: Jason Hartless

Artist Interview: Jason Hartless (Motely Crue, God Smack, Seether, Rev Theory) By the age of 14, Jason had already toured or performed with the likes of Motely Crue, God Smack, Seether and Rev…

Will Hunt Pearl Artist Interview
Artist Interview: Will Hunt

Artist Interview: Will Hunt (Black Label Society, Evanescence, Dark New Day) Born in Gainesville, Florida, Will cut his teeth touring through the south; an experience that launched a career with some of…

Mike Reid Pearl Artist Interview
Artist Interview: Mike Reid

Artist Interview: Mike Reid (Justin Timberlake, Rihanna) Mike is a native of Baltimore, MD where he began playing drums in church at a very early age and he began his professional career…

Derek Wolfford
Artist Interview: Derek Wolfford

Artist Interview: Derek Wolfford (Marketing Manager of Integrated Media, Pearl) Derek Wolfford has been professionally involved in the performance and business side of drumming. Over the last 19 years, he has also…

Pat Saunders
Artist Interview: Pat Saunders

Artist Interview: Pat Saunders (Sales Rep, Pearl) Pat Saunders is a Pearl Sales Representative who calls on drum shops in the central part of the country. Pat lives in Nashville and is a…

Artist Interview: Shawn Lafrenz

Artist Interview: Shawn Lafrenz (Senior Marketing Manager, B&O, Pearl) Shawn Lafrenz is the Senior Marketing Manager in charge of B&O products for Pearl/Adams. As a concert percussionist Shawn has performed with many orchestras…

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