Cello Rentals

Cello Rentals

Cello Rental Guide

There are several options when it comes to obtaining an instrument, and when you’re a beginner, the best bet is almost always to rent. That’s because renting gives you the opportunity to sample the cello without a long-term commitment, and it offers some unique perks and advantages that make the first steps of your musical journey a breeze. In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of what renting can do for you, as well as some tips for taking care of your rental cello.

The Benefits Renting Has to Offer

Of all the great things about renting, the best is probably the freedom it allows. You can try your hand at the cello, and if it turns out not to be the instrument for you, then you’ll be able to return the cello or exchange it for another instrument, hassle-free. There’s also the fact that the first few months spent learning an instrument tend to be hard on it, and with a rented cello, you won’t have to subject an expensive purchased instrument to that wear-and-tear.

As fantastic as they are, these general facts are only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s review some of the more specific features that come with your cello rental.

A Service Network

With many local stores and affiliates to choose from, you’ll always have someplace to go when it comes time for a tune-up or repair.

A Perfect Fit

For the cello, it’s very important that the instrument’s size be matched to the player. When renting, you have the opportunity to exchange for larger cellos as necessary, so a growing cellist can always have the right size instrument. Your child’s teacher will help size them appropriately before renting.

A Path to Ownership

In most states, your rental payments will accrue credit that can be used to buy out your cello or even purchase a more advanced model. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of renting and still end up owning the instrument that is best suited to the player.

Professional Preparation

Most rental cellos are in “like new” condition, meaning that they’re previously played and expertly serviced for top performance. This means you don’t have to worry about a break-in period.

Additional Options

With a rental arrangement, you can choose to add on a starter pack containing cleaning supplies and a music stand. There is also the option of a Liability Damage Waiver (LDW), which adds coverage to have your cello replaced if it should happen to be damaged or stolen.

Care Tips for Your Cello

The next step after deciding to rent a cello is to read up on care and maintenance techniques so you can keep it in great shape after it arrives. Here are some basic pointers to get you started.

Before and After Playing:

  • An uneven bridge will affect the cello’s tone, so check that the bridge is straight. If it needs adjustment, gently pinch it between your thumbs and index fingers to straighten it with care. Ask your instructor for help if you have trouble.
  • Apply rosin to the bow before playing, and wipe down the strings afterward with a soft cloth to remove any build-up left behind.
  • Don’t forget a care kit!

Storage Tips:

  • Always keep the cello in its case when not in use, and turn it so the front faces the wall while it’s stored. This will help prevent the bridge from being moved if somebody bumps into it.
  • Extreme heat, cold, dryness or humidity can all cause damage to the cello’s wood, so store the instrument at room temperature and where the humidity is not too high or too low.

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