Rent to Own Programs: FAQs

If you’re concerned about the high price of purchasing a brand new musical instrument for your child, you may wish to consider taking part in a rent to own program. Designed for those who are unsure about their child’s future in music but who don’t want their rental fees to go to waste, rent to own programs are a cost-effective way for your child to try out a musical instrument without the up-front cost purchasing cost. With rent to own programs, you can rent an instrument month-to-month with the option to return it at anytime. If you do decide to keep the instrument, each payment is applied towards the purchase of the instrument until it’s paid in full. Once you’ve paid the instrument in full, it’s yours to own.

Q: How Much are the Monthly Fees?

A: Since rent to own programs include a wide variety of instruments ranging from guitars to saxophones, the monthly fees vary from instrument to instrument. Additionally, as with car or home loans, there are different payment plans available. In most cases, you make an initial payment that covers the trial period, maintenance and service, and other options exclusive to the instrument you’re renting. After that, you keep making low monthly payments until the instrument is paid in full. If you return the instrument, your monthly payments will stop. If you decide to purchase the instrument before you pay it in full, the instrument is yours and the monthly payments will discontinue.

Q: What if My Child Damages the Instrument?

A: Many rent to own programs offer repair and maintenance programs for a few extra dollars each month. In most cases, these programs cover 100% of the cost of any repairs, accidental damage, or loss of the instrument. Whether it’s just routine maintenance or a major mishap and as long as the damage wasn’t intentional, you’ll be covered under most repair and maintenance programs. Since instrument repair can be expensive and children can be careless, enrolling in a repair and maintenance program is highly recommended. Although you may never take advantage of it, it could save you thousands of dollars in case of an emergency. For the specifics of your plan, check with whichever rental program you choose.

Q: What About Instrument Quality?

A: Since you’ll one day be owning the instrument, the instruments you’ll gain access to in a rent to own program are in “like new” condition. Although they’re generally lightly used, they’ll be free from scratches, dings, or other visible damage. Depending on the specific program chosen, most instruments will meet or exceed the Music Educators National Conference (MENC) standards for musical instruments. If you’re concerned about the quality of the instrument you’re about to rent, ask the program about the specific criteria each instrument must meet. Also, if you purchase the repair and maintenance add-on and notice your instrument is damaged, they’ll repair it free of charge.

Q: Can My Child Upgrade the Instrument?

A: If your child needs to upgrade to a larger instrument, you can easily trade up without having to sacrifice any of your previous payments. For example, if you upgrade to a larger saxophone a year into your payments, you won’t lose those payments- they’ll just be rolled over into payments towards the new instruments. The same goes for switching instruments completely. If your child decides to switch from the saxophone to the guitar, you won’t lose any of the payments. Since freedom is a key component with rent to own programs, your finances won’t be affected if your child decides to try something new.

Q: Does Music & Arts Have a Rent to Own Program?

A: When you rent a musical instrument through Music & Arts, you can earn “credit” towards the purchase of a student instrument. When you’re ready to purchase, please contact a Music & Arts Rental Associate at 888-731-5396. They’ll discuss the specific details with you and answer any questions you may have. For more information and more rental FAQs, visit our rental page.


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