The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Musical Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if your mom is a musician, music teacher, or just loves to listen to music, we have tons of great gift ideas to surprise her with on her special day. The perfect gifts for music lovers are those that help them enjoy music even more or show off their love of music in unique and interesting ways. Many of the gifts on this list are designed to do just that and more. From jewelry to autobiographies, here are some great gift ideas for everyone’s favorite lady–their mom.

Biographies of Female Musicians

Whether your mom likes country, classic rock, or a little bit of everything, there are a variety of biographies written by and about female musicians. From Stevie Nicks to Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde, there are tons of great biographies and autobiographies about women musicians lining the shelves of your local bookstore. You may even be able to find some used copies at your local record store, too. If you want to make the gift extra special, and the feature is available when purchasing, opt for a first edition or an autographed copy.

Sheet Music of Her Favorite Band/Musician

If your mom’s a musician herself, she’ll LOVE this gift. And if you like the band too, you’ll enjoy hearing her play some songs you know and love yourself. We carry lots of rock, country, and classic rock sheet music, including Elton John’s Greatest Hits 1970-2002. To add a little bit of extra oomph to the gift, why not pair the sheet music with a CD or vinyl of the same artist? You could even check their tour dates to see if you can throw a pair of concert tickets into the mix, too. Regardless of whether you decide to pair this gift with something else or gift it solo, your mom is sure to enjoy it for years to come.

High Quality Headphones

Especially useful if your mom works in an office setting (and still wants to listen to her Spotify playlists), high-quality headphones mean the music will never stop. If your mom goes to the gym or doesn’t like to deal with the hassle of cords, you could even spring for a pair of headphones with wireless/Bluetooth connectivity. Another cool idea would be to purchase speakers that are built into useful household items and furniture, like this Bluetooth ottoman speaker, because let’s face it–your mom deserves some R&R.

Spotify Gift Card

Whether your mom has a paid account or a free version, she’ll enjoy a Spotify gift card for Mother’s Day. If she’s new to Spotify or always borrows your account, go the extra mile and create an account for her. The gift will be even better if you put together some great playlists you know she’ll enjoy. Other cool gift card ideas are Ticketmaster gift cards so she can catch her music idol the next time they’re in town, and for all the musician mamas a gift card to Music & Arts is right up their alley. With lots of brick-and-mortar stores and a huge online offering, they’ll find just what they’re looking for at Music & Arts.

Repurposed Music Jewelry

From rings made out of guitar strings to guitar pick necklaces, it isn’t hard to find cool jewelry that’s been repurposed from a music accessory. Your best bet for finding something like this in time for Mother’s Day is to check out Etsy, or head to your local farmer’s market or craft fair for some cool handmade jewelry. Even better, you’ll be supporting local artists in your community, and we’re all for supporting artists and musicians any way you can.

Ear Plugs in Her Favorite Color

If your mom loves going to concerts, purchasing her a pair of ear plugs will show that you really care. Made especially for music lovers, these earplugs are designed to separate damaging noise from the music without distorting the range of sound. She’ll be able to hear conversations and guitar riffs without dealing with ringing eardrums the next day. They even come with their own pocket-size keychain storage, so she can pop them in her purse or carry them around her neck the next time she takes in a live performance.

Vintage Record Coasters

If your mom has an affinity for vinyl records, DIY vinyl record coasters are the perfect gift. Not only are they super functional (how often does she tell you to use a coaster!?), but they’ll act as a conversation starter among guests. You can purchase the records yourself and take a straight DIY approach, or you can purchase them in pre-made packages. Depending on who you purchase these from, you may be able to request they be made from the records of a particular artist. Regardless of the route you take, try to find a group of coasters that best matches her favorite genre. Whether it’s indie, jazz, or classical music, you’ll easily be able to make (or purchase) a set of vinyl coasters to match.

Music Lessons at Music & Arts

Has your mom always wanted to learn the guitar? Has she regretted giving up music when she started a family? By gifting her music lessons at The Lesson Studio for Mother’s Day, you can encourage her to pick up music again. It’s the premier music lesson facility in the country, and we welcome students of all ages and skill levels. Our instructors are highly qualified, and we teach everything from the drums to the ukulele. Request a lesson today, or head into your local Music & Arts store for more information.

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