What’s a Step-Up Instrument (& Why a Rental is a Good Choice)

A step-up instrument is the instrument that gives you a step-upfrom student models to a professional model. They are the in between instrument that works perfect for learners making their way to a professional status. The step-up instrument is the perfect transitional tool between the two. These are great instruments to learn from and build toward the best success possible for beginner musicians.

What Are They?

Step-up instruments are normally a little larger than beginner instruments. As the learner grows into the instrument his or her capability to produce a larger air flow through the instrument will result in fuller, warmer and richer tones. This is why the step-up instrument makes for the perfect midway model. The diameter of the tubing will be much larger, allowing for more air to travel through the passage.

Another difference between beginner instruments and step-up instruments is the material. Beginner instruments are manufactured with durability as a priority over quality. This is due to the fact that beginners are more likely to drop their instruments or even put them together haphazardly. Young students have a way of putting their beginner instruments through some serious damage a more seasoned player would avoid.

Step-up instruments are made from higher quality materials – gold, silver and high quality wood. These materials give musicians the ability to play with a warmer sound and a much more wide capability of tones. Beginner instruments are great ways to learn, but the step-up gives the player more capabilities that they are ready for and ready to harness.

These instruments are often hand-crafted using many different processes. These techniques will many times result in an instrument that will be more resonant than a beginner level instrument which are usually manufactured by machines.

Beginner level instruments are a lot like easy modein a video game. The step-up instrument is intermediateand professional instruments are for experts.Easy mode will purposely exclude a lot of bells and whistles that will be too complicated for a beginner. Therefore, beginner instruments have a lot of the advanced features omitted from the instrument. If a student has truly mastered the beginner level instrument, than a step-up instrument will be a very welcome gift to them.

Is My Child Ready for a Step-Up Instrument?

This is the perfect question to ask your music teacher, band director or whoever is aiding your childs journey through his musical instruments. If your child shows a real interest to continue and has clearly spent time with and mastered the instrumentthen its time. Your child may come to you, ready for another challenge. Does he or she want to take private lessons, join the school band or begin recitals? You can always go to a Music and Arts Class and determine your childs skill level as well.

Is it Necessary?

This is up to you and your child. There are some really talented and gifted musicians who can jump from beginner instruments to professional level ones, but it’s a much harder transition. If the professional level instrument is too big of a jump, then you risk irritating your child and having them give up abruptly. It can potentially save you from a lot of frustration and shorten the learning curve of an instrument.

For example, imagine you have a great high school football player, you might not want to push him into the NFL and get his head taken off on the professional level. A step-up instrument is like playing for a college team, great for perfecting your skill before you tackle the big boys.

Why is Renting a Good Choice?

Instruments can be expensive and children have a habit of changing their minds a lot. With the Music and Arts Rental Program, you can rent an instrument month-to-month. This way, you dont have to worry about buying another instrument every time your child has a change of heart. Its much more encouraging for a child to know they have more than one option if an instrument doesnt suit them. And! The best part about Music and Arts Rental Program is that each payment you make goes toward the purchase of the instrument. Once youve paid in fullits yours!

Go ahead and check out the awesome Music and Arts Rental Program!

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