5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Cellists 2020

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy that special cellist in your life. The cello is widely thought to be one of the most gorgeous  instruments, both audibly and visually. So, it makes sense why we should honor and celebrate the musicians who play them. If you’re searching for amazing stocking stuffer ideas for cellists, here are some ideas to consider:

Music accessories: strings, rosin, and humidifiers 

Cellists will be thrilled to discover music accessories in their stockings this year. Why? Because the beautiful sound of this instrument can’t be generated without them, of course! Strings, rosin, and even humidifiers are essential items for cellists, and many of these types of music accessories wear out and need to be frequently replaced. This means that as long as cellists play cellos, they’ll need a steady stream of music accessories to keep the music going. 

A new bow

Bows make great holiday gift ideas for cellists! Bows are a big deal in the cello world. In fact, most players can’t perform their best without using models that are built well and easy to hold. No two cello bows are created equal. So, if you want to make your special cellist happy and playing brilliantly, consider picking them up a new bow this year. 

Sheet music

Since every cellist appreciates the challenge of tackling a new piece of music, sheet music is the perfect gift for cellists this holiday season. Whether they’re into movie soundtracks or Beethoven––or both!––, sheet music always makes a great gift. The gift of sheet music helps motivate promising students and gives a professional player a fun challenge.

A new case

Cello cases obviously wont be fitting in any stocking! They may not be as exciting as the instruments they carry, but hear us out. It’s definitely a gift worth mentioning anyway. A reliable, well-built case is an essential item for serious cellists. From keeping cellos safe when they’re stored at home to transporting them easily from place to place… This wouldn’t be possible without cases, so yeah, they’re important! If your cellist is a student with a new instrument, giving a case as a gift is a no-brainer. But even if the musician in question has been playing cello for decades, a shiny new case might be just what they need this holiday season. 

A brand new cello

Again, this gift wont be fitting in any stockings, but your cellist will be over the moon! Nothing will make your cellist happier than finding a new cello under the tree this year. For a fun teaser, put a few hints in their stocking.  A new instrument upgrade is an amazing gift for a hardworking student who needs to move up to the next level or a seasoned player wanting to transition to a superior cello. New instruments require significant financial investments, but they’re the rare sort of gifts that truly can last a lifetime. If you’re not a musician yourself, you might not realize the impact that instrument quality has on a cellist’s playing. Something as seemingly insignificant as the difference between a starter instrument and an intermediate one can make a huge difference in a cellist’s sound. A new professional or intermediate instrument can transform your cellist’s playing this holiday season. 

Bonus: Give the gift of lessons

No matter how experienced a cellist is, lessons are a great gift. Every musician can find ways to grow and improve. Lessons are a phenomenal way to introduce new ideas, sharpen skills, and inspire musicians. Check out the Lessons Studio at Music & Arts today!

Music & Arts is the #1 holiday destination for musicians and music-lovers this season. From holiday songbooks to instruments, accessories, pro audio gear, and much more, we’re here to help make your holiday merry, bright, and musical this year. Stop in and see us at your local Music & Arts location, or shop online today!

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