5 Tips To Start Your New Music Lessons on a High Note

Learning an instrument for the first time or doing something new in music as an experienced musician is incredibly special. But the truth is that enthusiasm alone isn’t enough to make your music lessons successful. A combination of hard work and the ability to focus on the right things in music will help you reach your goals whether you’re learning the drums or are picking up a new musical skill as a seasoned musician. If you’ve just started music lessons, these five tips will help you start off on the right foot:

Record your practice sessions and lessons

No matter what you’re learning in lessons or how much experience you have, keeping a handheld audio recorder primed and ready to record is a good idea. You should get into the habit of recording yourself not just while practicing at home, but also during lessons. When we can hear what we sound like while playing our instruments, we have the priceless ability to make critiques and improve. And during lessons, recording instructions from your instructor or examples of them playing their instrument is a huge asset as well. The habit of recording your lessons and practice sessions won’t end a few months down the road, but can and should continue for as long as you pursue music. 

Keep your instrument cleaned and properly maintained

If you’re new to music lessons and playing music in general, you might not realize just how much of an impact a dirty, unmaintained instrument can have on your progress as a musician in training. From broken drum heads and snapped guitar strings to dust and grime that gums up brass and woodwind instruments, cleaning and maintaining your instrument is crucial for succeeding in music lessons. Instrument care kits are a great way to ensure you have everything you need to keep your instrument cleaned and ready for lessons. And if you need help maintaining your instrument, the Repair Shop at Music & Arts has the tools and expertise to keep your instrument performing its best during music lessons.

Play in time and in tune

Being able to play in tune and in rhythm is critical for being successful in music lessons. If your instrument isn’t tuned, then you could play everything correctly and it will never sound musically correct. And without being able to play your instrument in rhythm, the music you play will never sound the way it should. One solution to both of these problems is a metronome/tuner combination device. The device’s tuner lets you know when your instrument falls out of tune while its metronome component delivers a steady and customizable click to practice to. If you’re serious about succeeding in music lessons, this device will make your life as a musician infinitely easier. 

Make room for fun

If you truly want to thrive in music, you’ll need to spend time with your instrument outside of the bounds of your lessons. Believe it or not, the ways we explore music in ways that aren’t covered in lessons help us to succeed in the more structured parts of our playing. Improvisation, writing music, and learning our favorite songs are ways you can grow and thrive in your musicianship. To do this, you’ll need to carve out time each week to have fun with music and explore it on your own terms. Picking up sheet music from your favorite artist or enhancing your musical creativity with music composition software are a couple of great ways to do this. 

Stock up on music accessories

Reeds, rosin, guitar strings, straps, and stands. As an aspiring musician, you’ll need music accessories to participate in your music lessons. Simply put, you have your instrument, but your clarinet, bass guitar, or trombone isn’t everything you’ll need to thrive in music. Depending on your specific instrument, accessories are needed to make it playable, such as guitar strings on a guitar. Then, there are the sort of musical accessories we all need as musicians, such as music stands, straps, and metronomes. Showing up to music lessons prepared with all the accessories you need is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success in music lessons.

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