5 Ways to Enjoy a Musical Halloween From Home This Year

We’re all having a challenging year, but kids have it especially rough right now after losing their summer and being kept from the steady routines that usually come along with heading back to school during the fall. While trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and school parties aren’t a safe bet for many American families this Halloween, partying down at home is. More than ever before, our kids need outlets like Halloween to feel joyful, inspired, and excited. By adding music education and performance to your holiday, celebrating Halloween from home can be a special and memorable time for your kids. Today, we’re sharing five musical ways to spend Halloween with your kids at home this year:

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Live-stream a family concert from home

From musician recitals to club performances from touring artists, in-person concerts are hard to come by at the moment. Digital concerts, however, are bigger than ever, and they’ve never been easier to pull off. If you’ve got a student musician or two living under your roof, having them learn special Halloween music and stream their performances for their friends online is a terrific way to motivate them to learn this holiday and have fun at the same time. It’s free and easy to stream concerts over platforms like YouTube, and transmitting at-home concerts with basic equipment like microphones and a mixing console will make them sound great. 

Make your own pumpkin-themed instruments

Creating homemade Halloween instruments is easy and fun for your kids, and it’s a great activity for introducing music education to young children. If you’ve got extra pumpkin seeds lying around, they’re perfect for making homemade pumpkin tambourines by placing them between two paper plates, gluing them together, and coloring them with orange markers. If you and your kids would rather eat your pumpkin seeds, another option is filling orange plastic Easter eggs with rice and coloring pumpkin faces in with black maker. 

Teach rhythm-reading with spooky games 

Rhythm-reading is an essential skill for student musicians, and the good news is that parents don’t need to be especially musical to teach it. Through free printable reading Halloween-themed reading cards, kids memorize the value of specific notes by learning fun and spooky phrases like “HALL-O-WEEN PUMP-KINS” and “FLAPP-ING, FLAPP-ING BAT.” Other games teach kids how to understand note values by combining potions that create different catchy rhythms. 

Jam out with Halloween sing-a-longs 

You can’t go wrong with a costumed dance party and sing-along in your living room this Halloween. It’s a great opportunity for your young musician(s) to show their skills by performing songs out of a book, and singing along to a vinyl record or CD is a blast as well. Remember, if you’re having fun, your kids will too, so pull out the stops by decorating, dressing up, and turning up some Halloween music your kids will enjoy. 

Check out special Halloween instructional books for kids 

If your child is learning the piano or guitar, Halloween is an excellent time to motivate them to dig deeper into their music education with special holiday-themed books. From spooky instructional exercises to goofy skeleton songs, Halloween music education books are perfecting for keeping student musicians on track and ready to celebrate the holiday. 


Music & Arts is proud to offer safe in-person and remote music instruction to local communities across the US. When it comes to kids developing their musical prowess and understanding, nothing is more impactful than working with an experienced music instructor. Our university-trained and background-checked music instructors have the passion and experience to help your child succeed no matter what their goals are. Learn more today! 

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