All the Things Your Child Will Learn During Music Lessons (Besides Music)

Children have a lot of options when it comes to extra curricular activities. Your child may already be involved in many of them, but let us assure you that adding music lessons to the schedule is a well-informed decision. The importance of music lessons can not be understated. While your child may not become the next Mozart, important life lessons can still be learned at a young age. Confidence, academia, good manners – music lessons can boost all of the above!


There is undoubtedly a link between music and math. Playing an instrument means understanding ratios and fractions. Tone, harmonies, symbols, patterns, intervals, rhythm, counting, all of these skills will promote a young childs absorption of mathematical concepts. Not to mention, the consistency of practicing songs will aid their short and long-term memory. Every time your child participates in music lessons, its like a memory exercise. This may seem elementary, but continuously memorizing songs to play will aid them when studying for exams later in life.

Social Skills

Music lessons are amazing ways for children to grow accustom to communication and interaction with others, particularly in group classes. If your child is playing within the group, he cant play too loudly or too softly. A young child may not understand, but hes subconsciously learning collaboration with peers. The group will have to work together to make a crescendo. When a part of an ensemble, an individual will learn his part in a working whole. All of them will play together to create a harmonious sound. No one musician is more important than another player in the group. These are the kind of life lessons that can be integrated into society as your child ages.

Learning Methods

Parents are given few opportunities to watch as your child is presented with a new skill. You will truly understand the importance of music lessons when you see how your child learns. With musical instruments, you can witness your kid begin as a complete newcomer and chart their progress. Observing how they handle this new skill, their learning tendencies and the different teaching tactics they respond to best is invaluable. And its not just the parent whos learning, children will begin to understand the best ways they learn new skills as well.


Hobbies are underrated. Think about how much time you spend staring at the television, on social media, or staring off into the abyss as your mind wanders. Music lessons can provide a hobby that lasts forever. Imagine coming home from a stressful day of work and relaxing while playing a beautiful piece of music. Playing an instrument can be comforting and it simultaneously works your mind and body, keeping them sharp. Your child may complain when you force them to practice or take lessons, but at the end of the day, giving them a lifelong hobby is a great gift they will learn to appreciate. Additionally, if your child becomes really good, teaching music is a great method to make money whether its a primary or secondary source of income when theyre older.

Self-Esteem / Confidence

Consistent music lessons introduce a way for your child to handle feedback. Your child will receive constructive criticism and learn how to use those notes to increase the quality of their performance. This alone is worth the price of admission when it comes to music lessons. In group settings, children are given a platform to receive and give constructive criticism to better their peers. In academia, some kids may have a sneaking suspicion that others are learning much faster. When peers are around, individuals will learn that everyone always has room to improve, even themselves. Out of all of the reasons listed above, the self-esteem boost really validates the importance of music lessons.

Lastly, playing in public in front of others is a crucial skill when getting ahead. Children will learn the ability to quell their nerves and play in front of others. This skill boosts the ability of public speaking, giving presentations and general comfortability when performing in public.

Now as important as music lessons are, theyre only as good as the facility and teacher who gives them. Music & Arts is the nations premier music facility, providing well over one million lessons every year. The lesson plans are individually tailored for the age, skill level and goals of the pupil. Get your child (or yourself) learning ASAP!

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