Artist Interview: Aaron Ovecka

Artist Interview: Aaron Ovecka

Artist Interview: Aaron Ovecka
(I, The Breather)

Like many professional drummers Aaron’s career began with hours and hours of practice in his parents basement. His hard work is paying off and he is considered one of the top up and coming Metal drummers. Aaron spent the summer of 2014 on the Vans Warped Tour with his band I The Breather.

Question: What was your first drum set?

My first drum kit was a Pearl Vision Series with birch shells and a “blurple” finish.

Question: Did you ever take private lessons?

I took private lessons for about a month, but realized they weren’t for me; I just simply enjoy playing from the soul!

Question: Who is your favorite drummer and why?

My all-time-favorite-drummer would have to be Chris Coleman because I’m constantly watching his videos on YouTube. Chris DESTROYS his kit, while still being able to maintain dynamic and feeling. He’s certainly my biggest inspiration!

Question: What makes the Pearl brand special?

In my opinion, the Pearl brand is historic. Being one of the first major drum manufacturers, they have certainly built an incredibly strong name for themselves. The roster of professional drummers that support the company supports my statement. Pearl’s always been the best reason to play drums!

Question: What are your thoughts on the electronic elements so common in percussion these days?

I think utilizing electronic elements in percussion could potentially be helpful and could also help the drummer sound much bigger, but the electronic elements aren’t for me. Just give me some big drums to smash on!!

Question: How did you make the transition from recreational drummer to professional drummer? 

The transition took some time, but what had helped me was tons and tons and tons of practice, self-exposure, being in contact with people in “the biz,” staying passionate and always challenging yourself to be the best you can be.

Question: What inspires you to continue drumming? 

knowing that there will ALWAYS be someone that’s better than me or faster than me or more dynamic than me certainly helps inspire me to continue drumming; I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!al.

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