Artist Interview: Josh Marunde

Pearl Artist Interview: Josh Marunde

Artist Interview: Josh Marunde
(Pop Evil)

Josh is from Constantine, MI and studied Music Industry Management at Farriss State University before he got the bug for performing and touring. As the drummer for Pop Evil he brings his energetic style of performing the thousands of fans the world over.

Question: What was your first drum set?

The first kit I ever played was a Pearl Export kit. It didn’t actually belong to ME. It belonged to my closest friend at the time. It was the kit I learned to play drums on.

Question: Did you ever take private lessons?

Never. I’m sure lessons would have helped me in many ways, better hone my playing skills but, I always practiced by just playing along to my favorite songs.

Question: Who is your favorite drummer and why?

John Bonham. He had a way of always being so groovy yet, managing to play thesis insane parts did if you listened closely, would blow your mind. Simple, and at the same time, SO challenging and creative. Hey what undoubtedly, The First of his kind … one of a kind.

Question: What makes the Pearl brand special?

Pearl drums have such a long history and to me that’s important. But, longevity is only part of their resume. They’ve continued to grow in new and innovative ways, not sit back and ride the success of their name and its legacy. Pearl is also a globally known and supported brand, allowing me to tour worldwide and always have the best sounding kits to choose from and use on stage or studio.

Question: What are your thoughts on the electronic elements so common in percussion these days?

I think the evolution is awesome. It keeps things new and fresh, as a performer, as a writer and as a listener/consumer of music. I’m a huge advocate of having an always open mind to new sounds, music, and approaches. I don’t want to replace the drums, though, ever. I LOVE the sound of a killer raw, wood kit; that organic sound and FEEL. There is nothing better.

Question: How did you make the transition from recreational drummer to professional drummer? 

I started playing drums in a band before I ever really learned to play drums… I also managed, booked and ran that band. As the band grew, I grew and learned. We got some steam and as we decided to part ways, some of the networking I had done paid off. Pop Evil had seen me play, opening for them on 7-10 prior dates and were immediately interested. A phone call and 36 hours later, I was on a train to Chicago to meet the guys and start touring. There wasn’t really a “tryout” or even a chance for me to learn their songs. I was thrown into the water and it was sink or swim. Hard work, perseverance and a strong support system at home (family and friends) got me through the hard times.

Question: What inspires you to continue drumming? 

The fans. The impact I’m able to have to help and influence people, whether it be youth, adolescence or adults. The ability to inspire and positively affect people is my absolute drive and inspiration.


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