Band Rooms Upgraded

Band Rooms Upgraded

Celebrating the Sweepstakes Winners!

The Sweepstakes: A New Opportunity

Music & Arts has recently partnered with Pearl and Adams, offering band directors across the country an exciting sweepstakes opportunity. This collaboration presents Middle/Junior and High School music educators with an unforgettable prize: One kit valued at $50,000 and another at $25,000, each containing a customized assortment of wind, brass, concert and marching percussion from Pearl and Adams.

When asked about the purpose of this sweepstakes, Pearl Representative Mike Zurlo said, “It is very important to help out and give back to the music community. Band programs like this are the starting point for everything. Pearl is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Music & Arts to help deserving schools like this one get new instruments. It is a win-win for everybody.”

The Prize: A Custom Assortment

A big pull for this sweepstakes was the instrument selection itself. It was announced that the winners of the sweepstakes would be able to custom-select from the range of instruments offered and build their order in a purposeful way. This aspect of the sweepstakes is key because it provides an opportunity for the winners to fulfill specific needs for their programs and cater to their students’ goals as musicians.

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The Process: Entries and Excitement from Educators

The sweepstakes was announced on October 2nd through both email and social media platforms and was well-received by the audience. Educators were given until October 31st to apply for the giveaway. By the end of the period to apply, a booming 3,200+ entries were recorded!

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The Announcement: Two Lucky Winners

On November 14th, the winners were announced to the public online and through email. The Grand Prize winner of the $50,000 package was Jonah Rayas, who serves as the Assistant Band Director at Col. John O. Ensor Middle School in Horizon City, TX. The First Prize winner of the $25,000 package was Heather R. Nowell, who serves as the Band Director at Martinsburg South Middle School in Martinsburg, WV. Instruments ordered included the following: Snare Drums, Vibraphones, Trumpet, Flute, Bass Dums, Xylophones, and Marimbas.

“Having the opportunity to have all of this at my student’s disposal is great. Watching my students open the instruments was like watching my kid on Christmas day. It is wonderful that the kids can showcase their talents on high quality instruments that professionals play, it is possible they could not have that opportunity again,” said Band Director Nowell when asked about her winning status.

The Celebration: Time To Party!

Along with shiny new instruments, both Rayas and Nowell received a sweepstakes celebration for their classrooms. Coordinating with the Music & Arts School Services channel, specifically Educational Representatives Jon Hanlin and Christine Perez, both educators received their instrument orders and worked together to plan for the upcoming festivities.

Nowell had her celebration in late March with around 130 of her band students, fellow school staff, and members of both Music & Arts and Pearl in attendance. Everyone got to enjoy the new instruments, tasty food, and fun Music & Arts swag. The excitement from the school and students prompted a day of proud musical performances, many smiling faces, and an overall appreciation for the arts and music education from all parties involved. Rayas and his students similarly had their day of celebration on April 15th.

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The Conclusion: An Everlasting Impact

The success of this initiative brings about support and a desire for more future collaborations with Music & Arts and both Pearl and Adams. As a team we lifted and strengthened these two talented band programs, and we look forward to working together again in the future! Music & Arts is proud to have served these classrooms and to continue supporting an industry full of passion and promise.

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