Become a Lesson Instructor with Music & Arts

The field of music education provides many options for professionals interested in teaching. Many musicians, for example, choose to become a private music lesson instructor. This rewarding career gives you an array of choices ranging from starting your own lesson studio to working with an established lesson business like Music & Arts. 

As one of the nation’s largest instrument retailers and music lesson providers, Music & Arts offers instruction on 23 instrument types in-store allowing you to feel safe and confident. So why become an instructor with Music & Arts? 

Teach in-store

With over 200+ locations nationwide offering private lessons, each retail store offers dedicated lesson studio space for our private lesson teachers. 

Each in-store lesson studio is outfitted with music stands, chairs, dry erase board and safety cameras for student and instructor safety. Depending on the lesson type, some studios are also outfitted with guitar amps, digital pianos or drums. Studios are assigned to one instructor per lesson day, and are cleaned and sanitized daily. 


Design your schedule and curriculum the way you want it. We know that you’re the expert. Our lesson teachers customize each lesson to support the individual needs of every student and where they are in their musical journey. 

Plus, Music & Arts carries all the books, accessories and instruments you and your students need all available right outside your studio or on our website. Don’t see what you need? Notify your lesson store manager and they will help you take care of your student. 

We know that schedules are not one size fits all. That’s why Music & Arts offers flexibility in scheduling. We have many options to fit your availability; as little as one day a week in-store. Create the teaching program that works for you and your students. 

We fill your studio for you!

Often as a freelance lesson instructor, it can be difficult to find enough students to fill your studio. Teaching for Music & Arts gives you the opportunity to tap into dedicated marketing and lesson recruitment resources. Our top-notch lesson team is constantly recruiting new lesson students from monthly lesson showcases, to meet and greets, to the latest digital marketing support.

Get paid to do what you love

Lesson instructors receive a compensation package that includes both competitive pay and generous lesson instructor perks like gig leave, and generous employee discounts on gear and lessons at both Music & Arts and Guitar Center locations, nationwide. 

Grow with Music & Arts

Our lesson program is constantly evolving in new and exciting ways, and we depend on the expertise of our amazing lesson teachers to help us continue to provide the best in music education. 

Lesson instructors at Music & Arts have both national and local staff to help you with any lesson operation or technical support. Plus, teachers help shape our lesson business through direct program feedback. Music & Arts simplifies the logistics of being a private lesson instructor so you can focus on what you do best, teaching the next generation of musicians. 

Interested in applying? Visit our careers page and apply today! MusicArts & Arts Careers 

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