The Benefits of Giving Music Lessons as a Christmas Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for that creative kid in your life? Are you looking for something unique, something that your child will truly appreciate and benefit from for years to come? Sometimes, it’s the presents that don’t require any wrapping that end up being the most meaningful. If you want to gift an experience that’ll be enjoyed instead of an item that will collect dust on a shelf, consider giving music lessons as a gift this holiday season. Whether the gift is for your own child, a family member, or a friend, here are a few benefits of giving music lessons as a gift this Christmas.

Music Builds Character

As children learn new skills, including how to read music or play a new instrument, they’ll gain a boost in self- confidence. Plus, adding music lessons to an already busy schedule of school and other after-school activities will help kids set schedules and manage their time. At the end of the day, learning to play an instrument requires more than just attending a lesson at the same time every week. They’ll need to practice daily, keep focused, and build their musical skills, and in the process they’ll produce impressive character traits. For example, daily practice builds self-discipline, performing in public builds confidence, and learning to focus builds a child’s listening skills.

It’s Something Different

Whether you’re a parent yourself or have simply spent some time with children, you’re probably aware of how many toys they get for Christmas. Instead of purchasing them something that’ll be put on a shelf and forgotten about, give them something they’ll enjoy for months (or years)  to come. Plus, research shows that life experiences provide more lasting happiness than possessions do. While most Christmas gift ideas involve wrapping paper and bows, giving experiences is a good way to extend the joy of the holidays all year long. Surprise that special child in your life with the gift of music lessons, and consider gifting others on your list the gift of experiences, too.

Music Lasts a Lifetime

Since the ability to play a musical instrument is a gift that someone can enjoy his or her entire life, gifting music lessons is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Even if your child doesn’t continue to play an instrument past a year or two into the lessons, the benefits of the lessons will endure. In studies, adults who took music lessons as children have been shown to have faster response times and an increased emotional awareness. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the hard work, discipline, and attention to detail that goes into learning a musical instrument are beneficial in all aspects of life. Which other gift ideas on your list has been proven to do all this?

Music Lessons Make Kids Smarter

In case you haven’t heard, studies have shown that taking music lessons can actually make you smarter. Playing an instrument stimulates multiple areas of the brain, increases a child’s ability to focus, and improves coordination. Studies have also shown that children who participate in music lessons do better in school and score better on intelligence tests. Music education can improve listening skills and may even help them get ahead in subjects ranging from foreign languages to math. Here’s some SAT stats that may have you running to sign your child up for music lessons: a study of 500 high school students found that those who engaged in some form of music lessons scored 57 points higher in verbal comprehension and 41 points higher in math on their SATs.

Lessons are Fun!

Beyond the educational benefits, music lessons are an enjoyable and constructive way for children of any age to spend their time. Unlike some activities, music has the unique feature of being able to be enjoyed alone or with a group. It can be a fun social outlet for kids, or a relaxing and renewing hobby for those who may be a bit older. With its range of sounds, variety of instruments, and compelling elements, it’s virtually impossible not to like music. Giving the gift of music will pave the way for your child, grandchild, or friend to learn a brand new skill. So, what are you waiting for? Cross that gift off your Christmas list and purchase music lessons for a special child in your life today!

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