Best Gear for 2020

Looking for the best gear for 2020? Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, having the right musical equipment can make a big difference in your playing. From instruments to accessories, you deserve high quality gear that can help you deliver perfect, consistent sound.

At Music and Arts, we love to shop around for the best gear. This year, our favorite musical gear combines value with quality, consistency, and precision. No matter what kind of music you play, investing in the best gear for 2020 will ensure that you play it well. 

Here’s the best gear for 2020. We’ve broken this down by instrument category and included our favorite accessories, too. Take a look:

1. Orchestral String Instruments

Best Instrument: Strobel ML-500 Recital Series Violin Outfit 4/4

The Strobel ML-500 is one of the best full-size recital violins on the market. With a premium spruce top, German-style varnish, and hand-carved tone-woods, this violin is the perfect instrument for players who are ready to take their violin skills to the next level. 

This violin includes an ebony fingerboard, boxwood fittings and tailpiece, and a maple body. It comes with a Select Nickel-Silver Mounted Pernambuco bow and Thomastik Dominant strings, as well as an oblong carrying case.

Best Accessories: 

  • Magic Rosin: The best-selling rosin for any violin, viola, cello, or stringed bass bow.
  • ARTINO Ergo SR Model Shoulder Rest: Adjustable, ergonomic shoulder rest for violinists and violists. Available in ¾ or full size and five great colors: pink, black, blue, red, and purple.

2. Brass Instruments

Best Instrument: S.E. SHIRES TBQ30R Q-Series Professional F-Attachment Trombone Lacquer Yellow Brass Bell

Leading our list of best gear for 2020 for brass instruments, the S.E. Shires Q-Series trombone is an affordable yet professional choice for brass players of all levels. This instrument features an 8.5 inch, two-piece, hand-hammered “QI” taper in lightweight yellow brass bell with soldered bead for a clear, strong tone.

The Q-Series trombone also features three interchangeable yellow brass lead pipes and a wide crook, standard weight handslide. This high quality instrument is a great value and includes a case, mouthpiece, and care kit.

Best Accessory: Protec Platinum Series Trombone Gig Bag Black

A top instrument like the S.E. Shires Q-Series trombone deserves a great gig bag, and there’s no better choice than the Protec Platinum Series. This weather resistant bag is one of our favorites among all the best gear for 2020, offering premium protection and durability. Includes padded back straps and an expandable outside pocket. 

3. Woodwind Instruments

Best Instrument: Tomasi Series 09 Flute, Silver-Plated Body, Solid Silverlight Headjoint (.835)

The Tomasi Series 09 flute is designed for younger players as well as adults who play at an intermediate or advanced level. Featuring a genuine Werner Tomasi headjoint, this flute is available in three configurations: .835″ solid silver headjoint with either a grenadilla lip-plate and riser, .925″ solid silver lip-plate and riser, or .925″ lip-plate with a 14k solid gold riser.

This flute also features French pointed key arms, B foot, offset G key, a French style wooden case with cover, polishing cloth, and metal hole inserts. It’s a high quality flute for both hobbyists and professionals. 

Best Accessory: Protec Slimline Flute PRO PAC Case

Another great bag from Protec, the Protec Slimline Flute PRO PAC Case accommodates both B and C foot flutes with a snug, molded interior for optimal protection. This case features a shock-absorbing frame, built-in organizer, and ID tag.

4. Percussion & Recording Gear

Best Drum Gear for 2020: Zildjian I Series Essentials Plus Cymbal Set Standard

A new release for 2020, this Zildjian cymbal set features a 13″ hi-hat pair, a versatile 18″ crash/ride, and an extra 14″ crash to broaden your sound. Made in the United States from B8 bronze, these lightweight cymbals are the perfect addition to any drummer’s kit. This cymbal set is especially recommended for new drummers looking to upgrade their gear. 

Best Recording Gear: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Pack (Gen 3) Standard

If you’re adding recording gear to your home studio, this pack from Focusrite is one of the best solutions on the market. You’ll get one Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface, a condenser microphone, 3-meter XLR microphone cable, closed-back headphones, and free software to help realize your musical recording dreams. This also makes a great choice for podcasters.

Best PA System: JBL EON ONE COMPACT Battery-Powered All-In-One Linear Array PA System With 4-channel mixer

No list of the best gear for 2020 would be complete without a high quality PA system. The JBL EON ONE delivers professional sound in a small package and includes a 4-channel mixer plus Bluetooth compatibility. 

Best MIDI: Novation Launchpad Mini [MK3] Standard

The Launchpad Mini by Novation is one of the smallest MIDI controllers available, but this controller really packs a punch with hands-on controls, a huge variety of sounds, and 64 RGB pads to give you a perfect reflection of your Ableton Live session, making it easier than ever to see your clips. Makes a great addition to home recording gear. (Includes Ableton Lite 10).

5. Guitars

Best Instrument: Epiphone Limited Edition SG Special-I Electric Guitar

This guitar makes our list of the best gear for 2020 because it’s the perfect instrument for beginners and more advanced players alike. Featuring the classic, distinctive SG tone and Epiphone’s signature profile, the Epiphone SG Special-I is sure to inspire your inner rock star. Made with a solid mahogany body and neck, rosewood fretboard, and an Epiphone Ceramic 700TTM open-coil humbucker.

Best Amplifier: Orange Amplifiers Crush 20RT 20W 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp

The perfect companion to your new Epiphone guitar, this solid state 20W amplifier by Orange delivers huge sound in a compact, stylish package. Features twin-channel tonal platform, lush digital spring reverb, two foot switchable channels, and on-board chromatic tuner. 

Best Pedal: MXR Timmy Overdrive Effects Pedal Standard

Offering a range of gritty, textured tones, the MXR Timmy Overdrive Effects Pedal rounds out our list of best gear for 2020 for electric guitars because of its value and quality. Based on a design by legendary pedal engineer Paul Cochrane, this MXR pedal delivers professional level sound without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect addition to any guitarist’s rig.

Best Accessory: D’Addario NS Reflex Capo

No matter how long you’ve been playing guitar, you can always benefit from a capo. The D’Addario NS Reflex Capo assures buzz-free, in-tune sound at every fret for every performance. A perfect accessory for any guitar.

Whether you’re in the market for one of these great pieces of gear or want to stock up on something else, head to Music & Arts’ website or find a location near you.

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