Best Gifts for Adult Musicians 2020

For spouses, family members, and friends, picking out gifts for the holidays can be a major challenge. To make matters even harder, if the giftee in question is a musician, shopping can be difficult. If you’re not a musical person, buying holiday gifts for someone who is can be an intimidating experience. Luckily, the friendly staff at Music & Arts is ready to answer all your music-related questions to help you pick out the perfect gift for the musical adult in your life. But before you make the trip to your closest Music & Arts store or make a purchase online, here are a few gift ideas for adult musicians to help you make your holiday shopping a little easier:

Pro-Audio Gear

The musician in your life will almost certainly love to get their hands on some pro-audio gear this holiday season. From microphones to digital mixing boards, every musician can benefit from increasing the size of their instrument and equipment arsenal. Pro audio gear gives musicians the power to record music, rehearse with other musicians, and amplify their instruments and vocals. Instruments are still crucial tools for being a musician, but today, pro audio gear is mandatory for musicians who write original music, practice with other musicians, and/or perform live. 

Right out of the box you get a Scarlett Solo USB audio interface, condenser microphone, 3-meter XLR microphone cable, closed-back headphones and free software so you can start making music in no time at all. Read more



Clothing & Novelties

Music-themed clothing and novelties can make for great holiday gifts for the adult musician in your life. From iconic brand shirts to mini-guitar replicas and more, the gift of music-themed clothing lets you support your musician’s music habit without having to delve into the specifics of their instrument, experience, or the sort of equipment they need. And, unlike other musical gifts, shirts, hoodies, tights, and pullovers are easy on the budget. Clothing and novelties with a fun musical theme are a no-brainer when it comes to holiday gifts for adult musicians. 

A simple Martin Guitar logo tee in heather gray and graphite that goes with anything. Read more



A New Instrument 

The musician you’re buying a gift for this holiday season might be an adult, but chances are their face will fill up with childlike wonder if you buy them a new instrument this year. Instruments are incredibly special gifts, especially if they’re new and have been on your musician’s wish list for a long time. It might be hard to imagine now, but the new instrument you purchase as a gift this season will help the musician in your life play music for years to come. Used and rented instruments are great when a player first starts out, but serious adult musicians typically need new high-quality instruments to pursue their musical passions. Luckily, new instruments can be both affordable and well-built. The helpful Music & Arts staff at your local store will be happy to show you instruments that fit your needs and budget. 

The Etude ETS-200 student tenor saxophone is a quality and reliable instrument choice for beginners and music enthusiasts. Read more




Music Accessories

Musicians love getting accessories as gifts over the holidays! Why? Because accessories like drum sticks, standsstrings, and reeds are essential for keeping a musician’s music practice going. Accessories wear out or get used up the more a musician plays their instrument. So, its safe to say that they’re pretty much in constant need of them, depending on what and how they play. Wrapping up stocking-stuffers or big boxes filled with music accessories might not seem like gifts that will thrill the musician in your life, but they’d probably disagree.

Made from only the finest American Hickory, with the famous Regal Tip finish, feel, and balance. Read more

Music Lessons

No matter how great a musician becomes, there will always be room for improvement. Music lessons make great gifts for adult musicians because it gives busy seasoned players and beginners alike a chance to develop their craft and expand their knowledge in a music-focused setting. Whether it’s demanding non-musical careers or parenting, most adult musicians will  appreciate some dedicated time to focus on music. Through the guidance of a passionate expert, they’ll be playing in no time! Private music lessons are a great way to give time for musical development to a spouse, family member, or friend. 

Shop with Music & Arts

Music & Arts is the #1 holiday destination for musicians and music-lovers this season. From holiday songbooks to instruments and much more, we’re here to help make your holiday merry, bright, and musical this year. Stop in and see us at your local Music & Arts location, or shop online today! 

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