Best Gifts for High School and College Musicians 2020

Being a parent to a high school or college-aged musician comes with some perks as well as drawbacks. After years of willingly — or unwillingly—listening to your child practice their instrument, giving them rides to and from lessons, band practice, and recitals, students at this age start to flourish in their work and make real progress. The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate your child’s musicality, but selecting the kind of musical gifts they’ll actually use can be a big challenge for parents, especially if you’re not particularly musical. If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered! Today, we’re highlighting great gift ideas for high school and college-aged musicians.

Music Accessories

Music accessories are the holiday gifts that keep on giving. For musicians, getting a gift of picks, straps, stands, or strings is a huge plus no matter their age or experience level. These accessories are essential for playing instruments, and they frequently wear out or get used up. You might not think giving your young musician something like a pack of reeds is very exciting, but your high school or college-aged child might disagree. All musicians who play instruments can utilize some kind of accessory, so giving them as gifts is a chance to be both thoughtful and helpful as a parent. Reeds, rosin, strings, tuners, metronomes and more all make excellent stocking stuffers. 

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A New Instrument

If your young musician is serious about music, they’ll need the right instrument to help them be successful. Used or rented instruments are fine for musicians just starting out, but as their skills develop they will quickly grow out of them. Giving a new instrument as a holiday gift shows a child that you’re invested in giving them everything they need to ensure their creative and musical success. New instruments can be costly, so always be sure to visit our website and check out the latest information regarding holiday promotions, deals, and exclusive financing options. 

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Pro-Audio Gear

Long gone are the days when ambitious young musicians had to fork over lots of money to record their music in professional studios. Today, do-it-yourself technology allows young musicians to record and produce their own music and it’s more affordable than ever! Whether they want to record, produce, and release original music or lay down practice tracks to critique later, pro-audio gear can help them do it. For less than you might think, you can purchase your budding musician the recording equipment that will help them explore a side of their musical creativity they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. 

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Music Lessons

It may seem like your kid is a music theory whiz or master guitarist, but the truth is they can always grow and develop musically. When you give the gift of lessons, you also gift an experience. Working with a passionate musical expert can help inspire your child and provide them with a crucial framework for development. Music students who’ve been playing instruments in school programs or just simply on their own for a long time run the risk of burnout. Music lessons continuously push students forward by challenging them when and where they need it most. Offering online or in-person lessons, our personalized programs are ideal for beginners and experienced students alike.  

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