6 Fun Ways You Can Celebrate National Piano Month

September is a month known for kids returning to school, the start of fall, and one of our favorite instruments on the planet––the piano! National Piano Month takes place every September, and it’s the perfect time to learn how to play this amazing instrument for the first time or to celebrate it in earnest if you’ve been playing it for years. This special designation is designed to honor one of the most beloved and influential instruments on the planet. Today, we’re recommending six ways to help you celebrate:

Take on a fun challenge 

One of the best ways to celebrate the piano this month is by tackling the challenge of mastering a new song, skill, or even an entire book’s worth of difficult material. One of the most rewarding parts about the piano is that it manages to be welcoming for beginners and endlessly challenging for experienced pianists alike. So whether you’re starting out in your first month of lessons or a pro eyeing a tricky book of Rachmaninoff Preludes to take on, National Piano Month is the perfect time for a challenge. 

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Put on a virtual concert for friends and family 

Nothing helps musicians sharpen their skills faster than the prospect of an upcoming performance, and pianists are no exception. September is a phenomenal time to stream a special piano concert for your friends and family. Your set list can contain cover songs, originals, pieces from your favorite composers, or even scales and exercises if you’re just starting out. 

Explore the piano’s fascinating history

With how important and well-known the piano is today, it’s hard to imagine there was a time without it. But this dynamically powerful and remarkably influential instrument actually wasn’t invented until 1700 and it underwent decades of huge changes before it would look and sound like the piano we know and love today. In honor of National Piano Month, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting a fascinating virtual series highlighting early pianos and the instrument’s history on its website

Increase your musical possibilities with a digital piano 

Digital pianos are designed to deliver the iconic sounds of the organic piano but packaged in an electronic instrument you can carry around and play anywhere. Some digital pianos even come equipped with loads of extra sound options ranging from fun 80’s-inspired synths to orchestral instruments. The best part is that the instruments and sound effects featured on these instruments are controlled by the keyboard, which mirrors the keys on the piano. This means knowing how to play the piano will give you the lay of the land for every other instrument and sound that digital pianos offer. 

Upgrade your setup with top-rated accessories

Keyboardists have plenty of keyboard accessories and parts to expand the possibilities of a performance and make the musical journey a more comfortable one. In the same way that guitarists can incorporate different effects pedals into their routine keyboard players can make their music more interesting by using volume pedals and sustain pedals. With the click of a footswitch a musician can use these pedals to manipulate the keyboard’s tone in a variety of ways. There are other keyboard accessories and parts to enhance a performance as well – MIDI keyboardists in particular can choose from a number of memory expansion modules and synth software bundles to create spacey effects and soundscapes.

Benches and stools are other accessories that every pianist/keyboardist should choose carefully. For young beginners height-adjustable piano benches are often recommended because players can continue using them as they grow.. Some popular keyboard bench types include the aforementioned adjustable benches, duet piano benches storage benches (these come with compartments that can hold sheet music books and CDs) and keyboard thrones

Deepen your appreciation and understanding with music lessons

No matter what skill level you’re at with the piano, private lessons  or group classes can help you reach your goals during National Piano Month. From gaining the confidence to master a difficult piece of music to helping students of every age and skill level learn how to play, there’s no substitute for learning directly from an experienced piano teacher. Enrolling in piano lessons is a way to celebrate this special month by creating a solid musical foundation that will impact your piano playing for years to come. 


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