Classroom Instruments: The Perfect Gift for Everyone

Classroom Instruments: The Perfect Gift for Everyone

Whether you watch Jimmy Fallon or are a fan of Metallica, you’ve probably seen the viral video where Jimmy Fallon, and members of The Roots and Metallica play “Enter Sandman” on miniature classroom instruments. With Lars Ulrich keeping time on adorable toy cymbals, Jimmy Fallon rocking out on the perennially wacky kazoo, and Kirk Hammett serenading the audience on the Melodica, it’s no wonder the video has been viewed over nine million times in its first week on YouTube. In addition to making great viral video material, classroom instruments are great gifts for virtually everyone on your list. From your child’s music teacher to your child themselves, here’s everything you need to know about the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list.

Orff vs. Classroom Rhythm Instruments

When it comes to smaller and more affordable instruments, you have two main choices: Orff and classroom rhythm instruments. Orff instruments are based on the Orff Approach, or a popular method of teaching music to younger children. In our Orff collection, you’ll find a range of xylophones, glockenspiels, marimbas, and metallophones, in addition to timpanis and recorders. Orff instruments are lightweight and easy to play, making them great gifts for younger children who may not be well-versed in music. If the child you’re purchasing an instrument for is already familiar with (or following) the Orff Approach, this category of gifts is even better.

xylo This beautiful wood xylophone is handcrafted and tuned by experienced musicians. Each note is stained a brilliant, bright color that is coordinated with enclosed music sheets. Your child simply follows along with the colors to play a well-known song. The xylophone has 15 notes in a 2-octave range. Great fun for Ages 5 and up. Learn More


Classroom rhythm instruments, on the other hand, are fun and entertaining for young children to learn, making them the perfect gift for music teachers, young children, employees at childcare centers, or those who enjoy music don’t plan on taking it too seriously. Instruments you’ll find in this category include everything from drums, bongos, blocks, and shakers, to tambourines and cymbals. The classroom rhythm instruments you’ll find on Music & Arts come from leading brands, including Trophy, Rhythm Bad, and Nino and Remo- all names which are known for building high-quality classroom instruments. From fruit shakers to lollipop drums, have some fun with the gift-giving process.

Nino 4-Piece Botany Shaker Fruit Assortment Standard Kids love the 4-piece botany shakers fruit assortment for their shapes and the surprising sounds that come from them! High-quality plastic fruits are filled with great-sounding shaker beads. Saliva resistant and perfectly safe for toddlers. Learn More


Why They’re Great for Music Teachers

Classroom instruments make great gifts for music teachers for a variety of reasons. If a student is interested in trying out a different or new instrument, classroom models tend to be cheaper than student or full-sized instruments. This way, if the student accidentally breaks or damages the classroom instrument, it won’t cost the teacher hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair or replace. If you’ve ever entered the classroom of a music teacher who has been teaching for decades, they have a variety of different instruments for their students to try out and play. With classroom instruments, any teacher, regardless of teaching history or financial situation, can purchase a few different types for their students to play.

Why They’re Great for Students

As previously mentioned, classroom instruments are a great gift for students and children for a variety of reasons. They’re small in size, meaning students and young children can easily carry them from place to place. This convenience is especially helpful for students who have divorced parents- after all, a bogo is easier to carry from  household to household than a full-sized cello. As an added benefit, they’re durable and affordable in nature. If a child accidentally breaks or damages a classroom instrument, replacing it won’t be as big a financial burden as replacing a full-sized instrument. Plus, some Orff instruments have been proven to enhance dexterity, concentration, and coordination in those with intellectual disabilities. If you’re shopping for a child with disabilities, consider purchasing them an Orff instrument and picking up a book about the Orff Approach for their parents while you’re at it.

Choose Music & Arts

At Music & Arts, we’re dedicated to bringing you one of the largest offerings of professional band and orchestral instruments, products, and accessories in the world, classroom and Orff instruments included. As a one-stop shop for students, parents, and educators this holiday season, you’ll find classroom instruments to fit any budget. If you need help along the way, reach out to our helpful customer service team with any questions. Still stuck? Skip the classroom instruments altogether and purchase your friend or family members a Music & Arts gift certificate instead. Give them the freedom to choose their own gift this holiday season.


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