Creating an Environment for Music Education in Your Child’s Home Learning Space

From pandemic pods to parents teaching their kids at home from the first time, families across America are embracing unfamiliar educational formats this fall. But no matter what your child’s schooling plans are, music makes an amazing addition because it’s proven to help kids thrive educationally, socially, and creatively. If you’re bringing the music education experience of private lessons or classes home for the first time this fall, your child will need a dedicated environment to learn music in. Here are some tips for creating a suitable environment for music in your home learning space:

Stands, cases, and humidifiers: How to store instruments safely in your home

If your child is new to music or is storing their instrument at home for the first time, it’s important to realize just how fragile instruments are. When an instrument isn’t being played, it should be kept safely on a stand or in a case. A surefire way to damage an instrument is by leaning it against a wall or laying it on the floor. For wood-bodied instruments like acoustic guitars and orchestral string instruments, humidifiers are needed to keep the wood from cracking. To help your child store their instruments properly, designate a space in your home for instrument stands and cases to be stored. Music stands are also essential for your child’s home practice space. 

Designate a space where your child can be as loud as they need to be

Whether your child is angling to be a clarinet savant or is just really into playing the drums, they’re going to make lots of noise in their home practice space. In light of this, we don’t recommend setting up their music area next to your home office or family room. Designate a space for them to explore music in where they’re free to be as loud as they like. And remember, what might sound like loud, unpleasant noise to you is often the sound of your child growing through music and mastering their craft, so be as patient as possible with your child as they learn music from home. Soundproofing you space professionally or DIY is recommended if your child plays a loud instrument like the electric guitar or drums

Power, WIFI, and accessories

No matter what instrument your child plays, setting them up in a room with power outlets and WIFI is essential. As the technology surrounding music education continues to evolve, more students are learning with apps on their devices, and a strong internet connection is needed for online lessons. 

Music accessories are crucial for giving your budding music student everything they need to learn from home. Every music student needs a metronome for their home practice space, and, depending on the instrument your child is learning, they might need strings, a tuner, resin, or drum heads. Learn which accessories your child needs and make sure their practice space is stocked with them.

Make their space special

One of the best ways to ensure your child will stick with music is by making their educational experience as fun and empowering as possible. Discover what about music inspires your child and let it inform how you decorate their space. Band posters, Christmas lights, and music memorabilia are things that can turn a plain room into a unique place that will make music education special for your child. 



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