Get Out Your Guitar Day: New Places to Play Your Guitar

This year’s National Guitar Day falls on February 11th, 2020. You may be wondering, just what is the hype behind Guitar Day? We all know every day is a great day to jam out a solo for the cat to decompress after a long day. As we face the ebb and flow of growing up, having a family and careers, we may have simply become too busy to play. Perhaps you  have simply lost that spark felt back when you first began. Do you remember that feeling of time stopping, the first time you heard a guitar solo? Or the bitter sweet memory that was that first love song you wrote for a crush? Those glory days that filled you with unbridled joy, are exactly what Guitar Day is about.

Even the most avid player can sometimes experience a burn out. A change in atmosphere can awaken you and bring new found joy and energy to your music.  Luckily, most public places will welcome just about any musical performer, as long as they aren’t busking (aka, trying to turn a profit from everyone’s pocket change.) As a precaution, always check with local authorities, city councils and business owners before trying our suggestions. Are you ready to take a journey back and get re-inspired? Get your guitar out from the corner, brush off the dust, and give it a tuning. It’s time to find new places to play your heart out!

Play at the Playground

If you are a parent of young children, it could be hard to find some ‘me time’ to sit and play. How about instead of scrolling through social media while they run about, bring your guitar with you!  This also offers a unique opportunity to bond with your child, making some pretty awesome memories! Try setting up on the grass and invite other parents to bring their children to sit in a circle. Play kid friendly songs; don’t forget to ask for requests from your young fans and be prepared for a beautiful afternoon of music and smiles.

Try The Dog Park

Most towns have a dog park or two! Bring your dog with you, of course! Picture how nice it would be to play some music for the rest of the doggy parents…who wouldn’t want to sing (or howl!) along to some good old ‘Wonderwall’? You could even end up with some new friends. Obviously you will be the coolest dog parent there! Bonus: play with some costume ideas, like matching your bandanna with your dog’s.  Best of all, dogs can’t judge if you can play well or not.

Pay a Visit to the Pier

If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean, take a trip to your public pier. A lot of piers have tourist attractions like restaurants and shops, so check in with them first. We recommend areas that are designated for sightseeing and sitting, so you are out of the way of foot traffic. Once you have the okay, choose music that is pleasant and low volume so you don’t disturb the public. Of course, always take requests from passerby to really bring a joyful vibe.

Check Out an Amphitheater

Many local colleges and universities have  an outdoor amphitheater for Performing Arts. Make sure you get permission to play there, first! Let them know you won’t be setting up amps or equipment that would cause an  inconvenience. Outdoor amphitheaters offer incredible acoustics for solos, that will supercharge your creative juices.

Set Up at a Skatepark

Skateparks are unique, in that they offer a lot of different acoustic options. The backdrop provides an urban feel to your music. Plus the local skaters are less likely to mind if you jam out a bit. You can create a fun atmosphere for everyone around by being friendly and  of course staying out of the way!

Find a Farmers Market

Farmers markets are vibrant and alive with art and culture! Bring your talents to life while you sit among delicious food, local artists and vendors. We can’t think of anything more relaxing than an afternoon spent  among the hustle and bustle of happy people! Contact your towns organizers to see if you can rent a space just for you and your guitar. Make sure they know you aren’t there for profit, but as just a volunteer.

Check out a Community Garden

Does your city have a community garden?  These places tend to be full of beautiful plants, trees and curious wild life. Bring a blanket, a picnic lunch, your note book and set up. Playing in nature has a unique way of grounding and centering our minds. The peacefulness is sure to relax you while inspiring you to write new music.

We hope we have inspired you to get up and get out of the house with your guitar. Get some fresh air, and rejuvenate your senses! When you grab your guitar on February 11th, just take a breath, close your eyes, and let your mind drift back to the simple days. Each cord you play will give tribute to those you play for, and honor those who inspired you to get your very first guitar.

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