Guitar Rentals: Renting a Guitar Made Easy!

Guitar Rentals Renting a Guitar Made Easy

Financially speaking, when a child first learns to play the guitar, renting a guitar almost always makes more sense. Not only does a good rental program come with a variety of perks and benefits, but a rent-to-own program means that each payment goes towards the purchase price of the guitar. With no interest and no contracts, your child will feel free to change their mind and explore other instruments- without any added stress or financial impact on your end. The guitar is one of the most versatile and universally loved musical instruments, and we’re here to take the guesswork out of renting an acoustic or electric guitar.

Guitar Rental Plan

Our guitar rental plan will launch in a handful of states, and is a cost-effective way for your child to learn to play the guitar. You won’t waste money on purchasing a guitar if your child changes their mind and, with each passing month, the guitar will be one step closer to being owned by you and your child. At $20/month and with a $5/month damage coverage, our rent-to-own programs is one of the smartest guitar rental plans available online. A $250 acoustic guitar will be paid off in only ten months- long enough for your child to learn the craft and become attached to the instrument. In some cases, you’ll still need to purchase accessories and cases on your own.

Guitar Rental Benefits

In addition to the initial cost-saving benefits, renting a guitar comes with a multitude of other benefits. If your guitar requires repair after you begin the rental process, our in-house team of qualified guitar techs will fix your guitar at no extra cost. Plus, you’ll receive a free loaner to use while your guitar is being repaired. If you’re concerned about the condition or quality of the instruments we rent, all guitars are fully cleaned, sanitized, and repaired before we’ll even consider renting them out to customers. Finally, if your child decides at any point that they’d like to rent a different instrument or need to upgrade to a larger instrument, an exchange can be made as long as the desired instrument is in stock.

Contract Length

At Music & Arts, there’s not a specified contract length. Our rentals programs are flexible and come with multiple purchasing options. Rentals are always month-to-month and you may return the rental at any time without facing a financial penalty. Alternately, you can rent the guitar until it is paid in full- after which, it’s yours to own. Each and every rental payment (minus the damage coverage) go towards the purchase of the guitar you’re renting. Ultimately, our commitment to you is to provide inexpensive, no-interest guitar rentals at low prices so any child, no matter their financial situation, can learn how to play the guitar.

Why Music & Arts

Our guitar rentals are an affordable and convenient way to make sure you select the right instrument for your child- they’ll be free to change their mind and experiment with different instruments, and you can rest assured knowing that your hard earned money isn’t going to waste. If your child would like to take guitar lessons but you aren’t sure if they’re in it for the long haul, our rent-to-own program is the perfect solution. With over 130 stores in 23 states and over 50,000 products available online, we boast one of the largest product offerings in the world.


Rent a Guitar

Click on a state below to find a store near you!

Guitar Rentals in North Carolina

Charlotte, NC
Arboretum Shopping Center
8046 Providence Rd Ste C
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Concord Mills, NC
Concord Station
8653 Concord Mills Blvd
Visit Site
Burlington, NC
1258 South Church St
Visit Site
Huntersville, NC
Rosedale Commons Shopping Ctr
9931 Rose Commons Dr Bldg 600 Ste B
Visit Site
Cary, NC
Crossroads Plaza
426 Crossroads Blvd
Visit Site
Durham, NC
Patterson Place
3603 Witherspoon Blvd, Ste 112
Visit Site
Triangle Town, NC
Poyner Place
5950 Poyner Village Pkwy, Suite F101
Visit Site
Fayetteville, NC
Cross Pointe Centre,
5075 Morganton Rd Unit 10B
Visit Site
Wilmington, NC
2340 South 17th St
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Guitar Rentals South Carolina

Spartanburg, SC
Market Square Shopping Center
1450 WO Ezell Blvd Ste 400
Visit Site
Columbia, SC
Columbia Plaza
7201-C Parklane Road
Visit Site
Charleston, SC
St. Andrews Shopping Center
975 Savannah Highway Suite R1
Visit Site

Guitar Rentals in New Jersey

Wayne, NJ
Plaza Square
661 Hamburg Turnpike, Unit 5
Visit Site
Millburn, NJ
518 Millburn Avenue
Visit Site

Guitar Rentals in New York

Mamaroneck, NY
604 Mamaroneck Avenue
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