Help Keep Kids Creative with Music Lessons

Creativity is a lifeline for children during difficult times, and, unfortunately, the time we find ourselves in is profoundly challenging. Whether it’s being forced to learn from home or seeing important social events get canceled, the lives of our children have transformed in a dramatic way. National Keep Kids Creative Week takes place every third week of September, and this year’s event is especially important. At Music & Arts, we’re avid believers in the power of music in the lives of children. To celebrate Keep Kids Creative Week this year, we recommend enrolling your child in music lessons. Here’s why:

Explore the possibilities

Music is uniquely empowering for kids, and professional music lessons have the power to bring out and develop their musical creativity in earnest. A passionate music teacher can show kids that music isn’t just something they’re taught; it’s something they’re invited to make their own. Through improvisation, songwriting, and other exercises, kids can embrace their creative intuition and put their own unique signature on music during lessons. Some kids who take music lessons go on to be prolific songwriters and composers, while others benefit from a lifelong appreciation and understanding of music. 

The benefits of music education are endless, and the skills children acquire allow them to creatively express themselves in ways that writing, drawing, or play can’t match. Healthy, frequent creative expression is crucial for their well-being, especially when it comes to coping with disappointment, uncertainty, and loss. The musical and creative skills taught in music lessons can help kids emotionally thrive for the rest of their lives. 

Learn their favorite music

Many students might shy away from taking music lessons because they think they won’t get a say in what they learn. However, music lessons are completely catered to their goals and needs! This gives kids the opportunity to interact with their favorite music. By learning how it’s constructed and how to perform it, they can get close to the creativity of the songwriters and composers. In doing so, these kids can get in touch with their own creative intuition. With the knowledge of how to perform music they already know and love, children are given a blueprint for how to transform creativity into meaningful musical action. 

Enjoy safe and sustainable fun

From soccer to ballet, we’re seeing our kids’ social and creative outlets become severely limited. Luckily, safe music instruction is still happening during a time when kids need creative engagement more than ever.  Do your kids thrive best in a group environment? Check out our music classes for safe and sustainable music fun. Maybe they work best under one-on-one instruction? We offer private in-person lessons as well. While we have no idea what the next year will bring, we do know that music can be a safe and reliable part of our kids’ creative lives moving forward. 


Music & Arts is on a mission to share the magic of music with students of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds. Our passionate, background-checked music teachers are here to help whether you’re looking for great lessons for your child or for yourself. We’re proud to help musicians thrive during this challenging time by providing remote instruction and safe in-person lessons. Learn more today!

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