How Private Music Lessons Help Students in Marching Band Succeed

From instilling a sense of pride and community to delivering a host of cognitive benefits, marching band is phenomenal for kids. Marching bands do a great deal to nurture a student’s creativity, confidence, and musical ability, and working with a private music instructor helps to solidify and enhance everything that kids learn in their programs even further. Private lessons help music students to perform better in marching bands, and empower kids in a powerful and enduring way. If your goal as a parent is to give your child that best chance of thriving in their marching band program, rounding out their education through private music instruction is a great option. 

Private lessons deliver further dedicated time and attention 

Whether your child is completely new to marching band or has been involved for years, it might be easy to forget that the material they work on can be incredibly difficult. As a student becomes more serious about learning music, there may come a time when they need extra help to take things to the next level. In private lessons, music students benefit from individual time and attention that allows them to focus on the material they’re working on in band as well as other music that they’re interested in. Music students greatly benefit from the undivided attention and consistent direction they get from expert instructors during lessons, and the work they engage in with their teachers can make a massive impact on the way they perform and learn new material in marching band.

Music students can gain a broader appreciation and perspective of music with private lessons 

Marching band programs are incredible when it comes to introducing valuable musical concepts to students and giving them a platform to perform. But music is so broad that it’s helpful for kids to learn about other perspectives and ways of creating and performing. Private music lessons broaden a student’s perspective of music in ways that are beneficial in marching band contexts and far beyond. Private music teachers have the time and resources to make sure your child understands everything that’s being covered in their marching band program. Music lessons are ideal for introducing and reinforcing these fundamentals in a way can give your child context for the music they learn in marching band. When kids are enrolled in private lessons and in band, they have the double benefit of learning music fundamentals from a teacher and putting them into practice on the field. 

Music lessons give kids the confidence they need to perform their best in competitions 

Parents of students in marching bands know how brutally competitive competitions can be. The extra and detailed training kids receive through private lessons gives them the confidence they need to deliver their best performances. This applies to marching band students whether they’re embarking on their first year or are slated to graduate high school in the spring. Teaming up your child with a passionate and experienced private music teacher will give them the best chance at fully grasping the material they learn in class, and this understanding is critical for performing with confidence. 


Whether you’re looking for incredible music instruction for your marching band student or are interested in taking some lessons yourself, Music & Arts has got you covered. With a passionate team of university-trained and background-checked music teachers across the country, taking private lessons with Music & Arts gives students everything they need to thrive in music no matter what their goals are. All ages, experience levels, and musical interests are accepted. Learn more about our private lessons program today!


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