How to Buy an Electronic Drum Set

Buy Electronic Drums

This buyers guide will help you decide which electronic drum kit suits your needs and why they can be a great tool to add to your instrument set.

Guitar and keyboard players have accepted electronic technology. Drummers can also utilize this same method to take their music to exciting new places!

Why use an electronic drum set? Well, we’re glad you asked. Lets first take a look at some reasons why an electronic drum kit could be great to own before we talk about purchasing one.

Live Set Adjustments

This is a really cool feature when it comes to electronic drum sets. If youre performing in a certain venue that requires that your volume levels not reach a certain point, electronic drums can easily adjust to the perfect volume. Of course the opposite is true when youre playing on massive stages – crank those babies up!

Practice Whenever You Want

This ability is every neighbors best friend when it comes to your drums. No worrying about roommates, family members, neighbors or your anxiety ridden pets. Electronic drums with headphones give you the ability to practice all night long and disturb no one.

Flexible Recording

Electronic drum sets give you the power to edit individual notes. This means you can get the flow you want first, go back and alter a note to your liking.

Going Mobile

Its just flat out easier moving these kits. They fold, bend and compact into a perfect size to become truly portable. Traditional drum kits just cant compete with the sheer compactness of electronic drum kits.


Lastly, electronic drum sets allow drummers to quickly adjust to the type of music playing at a venue. With traditional drums, you would need several types to play with different bands. Electronic kits can get you grooving with different bands in no time.

Electronic Drum Amplification and Monitoring Systems

The sound module has to be plugged into an amplifier or mixer to be heard. Monitor speakers are crucial when playing with other musicians. Its important to be able to hear yourself over the racket of the other instruments. Plenty types of sound systems are made available especially for electronic drums.

Drum and Cymbal Pads, Triggers, and Mesh Heads

Electronic drums have come a long way since the early days. Now, they have a really improved response and feel with the accompaniment of mesh heads and rubber pads. Rubber pads have a rebound that will remind you of practice pads. Mesh heads come with a firm, woven surface that responds similar to an acoustic drum head. Mesh heads normally are a little more pricey than rubber pads. Electronic cymbal pads will mostly be shaped like a cymbal or a section of one. Some new models give a more realistic performance experience allowing an easy transition from acoustic to electronic.

Drum Modules

An electronic drum module is a digital or electronic music device in a kit that serves as the central processing unit and sound module. The module creates the drum kit sound, or even other sounds chosen by the drummer.

Drum modules come in all different types and quality. They have a variety of instrument and special effect sounds. There are some that allow independent volume levels for each trigger. Usually they offer a choice of musical style drum kits for Latin, jazz, hip-hop, rock and other genres. Many drum modules will even give you the ability to create your own custom kits. If you have the money to spend, premium drum modules will even let you download sounds from online to give you an endless amount to choose from.

Drum machines

They have similarities to electronic drums, but are much different. These instruments are very popular among EDM enthusiasts and hip-hop producers.

Percussion controllers

These devices can allow trigger sounds from a small module or pad set. They can be played with sticks, hands or even fingers in some cases. These can definitely complement a drum set for drummers who want the flexibility of an electric sound without the entire electronic drum kit.


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