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Musical Instrument Engagement

6 Tips for Keeping Kids Engaged in Their Musical Instrument

Learning a musical instrument is a journey that can be both enriching and demanding, particularly for children. Besides supporting cognitive development and academic performance, music provides an outlet for creativity and self-expression, along with a shared language for connecting with others. But mastery of an instrument doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistent effort and perseverance. […]

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Symphony Orchestra Competition

Preparing for Music Competitions

A Guide to Music Competition Mastery and Confidence Spring is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for us to tune into a topic that resonates with many of our dedicated musicians: preparing for music competitions. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or gearing up for your first competition, this guide is composed to help you orchestrate […]

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Music Goals

Tuning into Success: Setting Your Musical Goals for the Year

Welcome to a new year of possibilities and musical exploration! As musicians, we know that growth and skill don’t just happen; they are cultivated through dedicated effort and clear objectives. Whether you’re picking up an instrument for the first time or fine-tuning your skills for a major performance, setting goals can transform your musical experience […]

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Music Student Learning

Upgrade Your Sound for the Ride of Your Life

By Dr. David W. Vandewalker For most of my childhood I had two passions: music and bikes. I would wake up excited to go to school because I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. I would jump on my bike riding to my friend’s house; together we would zoom off to school. It was always […]

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Leading with Care

Leading with C.A.R.E.

By Dr. David W. Vandewalker The ever-increasing demands on students and teachers seems to be at an all-time high. While we are thankful that the most extreme difficulties of the pandemic are behind us, it is becoming evident that the impact of the recent challenges are large and will continue to have a significant effect […]

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guitar chords

Guitar Chords and Progressions

Mastering the Guitar One Step at a Time Learning guitar can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the best ways to start learning the basics is through chords and progressions. Chords are the building blocks of music, and progressions are the sequences of chords that form the structure of […]

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piano playing

Useful Tips To Improve Your Piano Playing

It’s a warm, sunny day, the perfect type of day for lounging by the pool or heading to the beach. But there’s something else you can add to your summer routine – piano playing! Piano could be the start of a lifelong passion or simply a fun, seasonal hobby. Either way, here are eight tips […]

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Susan Hawthorne | Piano and Voice Instructor in Tucson, AZ

Lessons Instructor Spotlight: Susan Hawthorne

Our Lessons Instructor Spotlight focuses on Susan Hawthorne, a master piano lessons instructor with Music & Arts in Tucson, Arizona.

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Dan Lynch and Chris Stout

A Lesson Student’s Journey: Dan Lynch of Franklin, TN

Dan Lynch (left) and his instructor Chris Stout (right). As one of the country’s largest instrument retailers and music lesson providers, we at Music & Arts pride ourselves on helping musicians and students reach their full musical potential. Nothing gives us more joy than when we hear about the success and progress of our students.  […]

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Become a Lesson Instructor with Music & Arts

The field of music education provides many options for professionals interested in teaching. Many musicians, for example, choose to become a private music lesson instructor. This rewarding career gives you an array of choices ranging from starting your own lesson studio to working with an established lesson business like Music & Arts.  As one of […]

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