Learning Pods and Music Education––What Parents Need to Know

With countless families across the US faced with the difficult decision of whether to send their children back to school or to enroll them in online learning programs, some parents are taking educational matters into their own hands with “learning pods”. While we understand this burgeoning educational format won’t work for everyone, it is a great way for some families to bring safe education to kids during this difficult time.  In this short guide, we’re breaking down the relationship music can play in “learning pod” style education. 

What are learning pods?

As safety continues to be top of mind for parents when deciding whether to send their children back to school or not this fall, many families with young children especially are concerned that remote learning programs alone won’t be able to fill the important gap left by the loss of in-person schooling. Organized by families, learning pods are groups of up to ten children that are taught by parents or hired teachers at home. Also known as co-learning groups, school pods, and pandemic pods, learning pods will be a new and unproven experience for countless families trying out this educational format this fall. But compared to the risks of in-person schooling and the perceived learning and social losses from online classes, many parents are willing to give it a shot.

School pods combine the look, feel, and function of homeschooling with the social benefits of group learning that conventional schools offer kids. Initially drawn to learning pods because of the pandemic, parents report enjoying the flexibility of at-home group education and the ability to easily tailor schooling to their children’s specific needs through the integration of activities like music lessons.  

The crucial role music lessons can play in learning pods

If your family plans on participating in a co-learning group this fall, making music education a part of the equation is one of the absolute best things you can do to bring joy, educational value, and stability to the children involved. During normal circumstances, music education is thought to be an incredibly valuable asset for children. From sizable gains in cognitive functioning and academic performance to providing important creative and social outlets, music education is proven to help kids thrive in an enduring way throughout their lifetimes. But amidst the widespread and unprecedented amount of uncertainty and turmoil children are now being exposed to due to the coronavirus pandemic, music is an especially important lifeline for kids right now. On top of its many proven benefits, music is a way to round out any educational experience through pure and unbridled fun, something every child needs in their life right now. 

Some of the many ways music lessons benefit children:

  • Increases academic performance in non-musical subjects
  • Develops creativity and personal expression
  • Provides a crucial social outlet
  • Boosts spatial-temporal skills
  • Expands language development and IQ

In the context of learning pods, music education can be added either by remote music instruction or by having an experienced instructor teach in person. Group music lessons are a great choice for families and friends in learning pods, and individual lessons are perfect for giving kids personalized attention. In pandemic pods, kids can learn how to play songs together, pick up the skills needed to play instruments, and attain crucial music theory knowledge concepts that can help them to better understand and perform music for the rest of their lives. 

What kids learn in music lessons:

  • How to play an instrument or sing
  • How to read music and understand music theory
  • Creativity and expression through improvisational and songwriting exercises
  • How to sing and play songs from their favorite artists
  • How to listen to music critically
  • Discipline, confidence, and persistence


Why learning pods are a great opportunity for kids to learn music

While nothing can change the fact that the pandemic is especially tough on kids because it’s severely limiting their freedom to go places and see their friends, the extra time they have at home is a great opportunity to learn music. Looping thoughtful music education in with learning pod formats this fall is a way to give the fun and magic of music to children during a time when they’re experiencing something profoundly tough. And even in schooling pods with ten kids, the amount of personalized attention they’ll get from a music instructor will be far greater than what they’ll get from a conventional music class in school even if they’re taught music in group lessons. 

Not for every family

From busy parents who don’t have the time or bandwidth to teach their own kids to big families who can’t afford to hire a teacher, we understand that learning pods won’t work for everyone this fall. Additionally, families with special needs children might find that this format won’t be able to accommodate their unique needs. Luckily, the affordability and accessibility of music lessons gives every family the chance to bring music to their kids. We have plenty of options for one-on-one lessons to ensure you child’s lessons are catered to them!


At Music & Arts, we believe that music can be a powerful force for good in a person’s life. That’s why our passionate team of music teachers works with students of every age, musical interest, and educational background. So whether you’re interested in giving your child one-on-one or are interested in signing them up for group lessons, we’re here to help. Learn more about group music lessons at Music & Arts today!

Need an Instrument?

No matter how you choose to learn, if you are looking to get your child started with music education they will probably need an instrument! For many, renting is a great option for beginner students. Regardless if you rent in-store or online, there is always a staff member ready to help answer your questions. 

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