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Instrument Care

The Art of Instrument Care: Essential Tips for Maintenance and Protection

This article focuses on a vital, yet frequently overlooked component of being a musician – the art of instrument care and maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your musical journey or have years of experience; knowing how to properly care for and protect your instrument is crucial. It not only ensures the longevity […]

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Employee Instrument Picks

Top Employee Instrument Picks – December 2023

Music & Arts is an excellent destination for musicians of all levels, offering an extensive array of instruments that cater to every need. Whether you’re a student, an enthusiastic intermediate, or a seasoned professional, their collection spans from elegant string instruments to robust brass, and from soulful woodwinds to iconic guitars. Each instrument is crafted […]

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Legacy and Innovation: Introducing The Blessing BTR-1660 Professional Trumpet

Connect with your sound with the BTR-1660 Professional Trumpet. A new gold-standard in horn craftsmanship, the 1660 combines traditional horn making techniques with modern design to create a flagship instrument that will impress even the most discerning pro player. From a handmade bell in a small shop in Chicago to precision engineering and design  – […]

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Kirk Whalum Cover Photo

A Journey Through Sound and Soul: An Interview with Kirk Whalum

We sit down with Grammy Award winning sax legend Kirk Whalum in the second episode of our ongoing Music & Artists series. Renowned saxophonist Kirk Whalum, with his deep roots in Memphis, Tennessee, embodies a rich musical heritage that spans genres and generations. In a recent interview, Whalum delved into his musical upbringing, the profound […]

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7 Products to Amplify Your Summer Sound

7 Must-Have Products to Amplify Your Summer Sound!

Picture yourself strumming a ukulele by the beach, its cheerful tones resonating with the crashing waves and the laughter of friends. Imagine the flickering flames of a campfire, accompanied by the soulful melodies of a portable acoustic guitar, creating an ambiance that sparks both connection and inspiration. Envision the enchanting sounds of a saxophone floating […]

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Anniversary Saxophones

20th Anniversary Saxophones by P. Mauriat

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence P. Mauriat is known for producing some of the finest saxophones on the market, and the P. Mauriat 20th Anniversary custom edition Alto and Tenor Saxophones are a testament to their commitment to excellence. These beautifully crafted saxophones celebrate P. Mauriat’s 20 years of producing exceptional instruments that are beloved by musicians around […]

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Boss Katana Amps

Boss Katana Amps: FAQs

When it comes to creating the perfect sound, guitarists usually have to use a combination of the right amp and effects pedals to achieve it. Luckily, BOSS Katana amps provide the best of both worlds and a lot more. Ideal for beginners and professional musicians alike, guitarists have been turning to BOSS for amazing music […]

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D’Addario Reed Comparison Chart

D’Addario Reeds D’Addario (pronounced da-dairy-oh) is an American company that specializes in musical instrument accessories like strings for guitars, other fretted instruments, and orchestral instruments, as well as reeds for woodwind instruments like saxophones and clarinets. The D’Addario Woodwinds label encompasses reserve and select labels of reeds, and the company also manufactures reeds labels under […]

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Filed vs. Unfiled Reeds

Filed and Unfiled Reeds Explained Reeds are used in many woodwind instruments, including the clarinet, saxophone, oboe and bassoon. In reed instruments, the sounds or vibrations are made when air is blown across a thin piece of material called a reed. The reed vibrates, making the sound, which is then amplified by the air in the […]

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Trumpet Effects Pedals

There are four main components of an effects pedal setup: Microphone Preamp Effects Loop Power Source Microphone / Pickup Once you have your instrument, you will need a good microphone to play into. Another alternative for brass players is to use a Yamaha Silent Brass Mute: with a pickup in the mute it can be […]

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