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Oboe Case Buying Guide

Besides purchasing the instrument itself, the best investment you can make when it comes to playing the oboe is in purchasing a sturdy case that’ll protect it from harm. A case typically costs no more than a couple hundred dollars, and could save you from repairs that can cost double or triple that down the […]

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The Parent’s Guide for How to Buy an Oboe

So, your child wants to play the oboe. Whether you’re familiar with the instrument or not, taking the time to understand its key features is key. At the end of the day, buying an oboe is kind of like buying a car. Not only is it an investment in your child’s future, but you’ll need […]

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The First-Time Parents Guide To Band & Orchestra

The First-Time Parent’s Guide To Band & Orchestra

Every year, millions of kids are introduced to music for the first time through their school’s band program. For many parents, this is their first experience with band and orchestra, too. The experience doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’re a first-time band parent, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll get you up to […]

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How To Talk To Parents About Step Up Instruments

Tips and resources for how to talk to parents about stepping up from a beginner instrument to an intermediate or advanced one.

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Clean and Sanitize Your Instrument at The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop at Music & Arts guarantees the highest quality service for musical instrument repairs, and sanitation. Our musical instrument repair technicians are seasoned professionals who have apprenticed with master instrument makers and trained at the best technical colleges, and because we are the best, we find a social responsibility to educate musicians on […]

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Daily Live Streams for Musicians

UPDATE: 5/21/2020 A huge “Thank You” to you all for tuning in with us week after week. We have currently paused Live Stream updates for now. For a list of past streams, check out the drop-down menu below. Don’t forget… #KeepTheMusicGoing   Past Streams At Music & Arts, we value music education and just because […]

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Supercharge Your Music and Media Education with Modern Hardware Devices

Today’s high-tech hardware devices are filled with beneficial technologies for music and media education. Designed with purpose-built controls and functions, they enable educators and students to get things done in a direct way, easily and without frustration. The very best devices are rugged and reliable, and can seamlessly extend their functionality through integration with smartphones […]

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The Different Types of Bassoon Reeds

One thing which commonly draws aspiring musicians to the bassoon, apart from the warm, dark, reedy timbre, is the level of customizability that the instrument has. The bassoon, a woodwind instrument in the double reed family that’s a popular instrument in orchestras, concert band, and chamber music, is popular not only for its sound, but […]

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Beginner's Guide to Woodwind Instruments

What is a Woodwind Instrument?

Although woodwind and brass typically fall under the wind instruments category, the woodwind family is a great place for a beginning musician to start. These instruments are generally easier to play because of the way the air is blown into them, and many musicians who begin their music education with an instrument from the woodwind […]

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Beginner’s Luck: Easy Play-Along Method Books

Teaching is an art form that positively touches the lives of our students.  I’ve seen many changes and improvements of this art in my 50+ years of public school and studio teaching.  One big change is technology.  Digital media is changing the way students learn. Music educators today have access to a wide variety of […]

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