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Back to school is closer than ever and that means its time to break out the school supply shopping lists! But in between the notebooks and folders, pens and pencils, what is always missing? Their music teacher’s must-haves! Make sure your young musician is prepared to focus on the music by shopping for their Band or Orchestra school supply list right from your home with Music & Arts. 

Search for your list

Find Your School

So you’re ready to shop your student’s music supply list? Great! Our skilled Educational Representatives have been working closely with music educators from around the country to provide you with the most efficient back to school shopping experience. Let’s get started!

From the homepage, select “Shop Your Teacher’s School Supply List”!


Once there, enter your zip code and your student’s grade level. If you want to enter the school’s name, feel free (but it is optional). Hit enter to search for your school!


Select Your School

After search, select your school from the search list. If your school is not on the list, try refining your search. If it still does not appear,  let us know! Give us a call at 1-888-731-5396. Our Sales & Customer Service teams are happy to make suggestions or connect you with an Educational Representative in your area.

Selecting Your Instrument

Now that you’ve selected the school, It’s time to select your student’s instrument! What are they playing this year? Whether playing in the band or the orchestra, we have teacher recommendations for their instrument. 

Checking Out

After selecting an instrument, their teacher’s supply list recommendations will appear! Select which items you are ready to purchase and add to cart. Just like that, you’re done! Getting your music student ready for back to school is that simple! 

Shop Music & Arts

Is your student just getting started on their instrument? Maybe they are progressing and it’s time for an upgrade! Offering a world-class variety of musical instruments, accessories and services, Music & Arts has been your go-to source for music education for over 60 years. No matter what kind of instrument, accessory or service you are looking for, our trusted staff at Music & Arts are here to help. Learn more. 


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