Six Cool Gifts for Your Music Teacher

Music teachers, for all that they do, are generally under-appreciated. After all, who else will remain patient and supportive while you learn music, stay after school to help you perfect that song, and cheer you on at recitals and competitions? At Music & Arts, we take music teachers seriously. And there’s no better time to show you really care than during Teacher Appreciation Week. So, whether you learn music during band classes at school or as an extracurricular activity after school hours, here are just a few gift ideas your music teacher will be sure to enjoy year after year.

A Brand New Instrument

We aren’t expecting you to purchase an expensive, brand new instrument for your teacher on your own, but if you take classes as a group or at school, why not see if everyone’s interested in pooling their money for an extra special gift? Whether your teacher loves guitar or prefers to play the flute, purchasing them an upgraded instrument is a great way to show your appreciation. Just make sure the return process is easy. Instruments are like clothes and cars–just because you like a certain style or model doesn’t mean your teacher will.

Sheet Music or Vinyl Record Coasters

These can be purchased or made, and are a unique way to express your gratitude. Not only are they functional, but they can be personalized and are sure to act as a conversation starter. Regardless if you make them or buy them already pre-made, try to find coasters that match their preferred genre. Whether it’s indie rock or jazz, you’ll easily be able to find (or make) a set of coasters to match. If you decide to make them and want to make the gift extra personal, track down the sheet music you’ve played during your time in their class and make the coasters out of them.

Ticket Stub Journal

If your music teacher loves going to concerts, a ticket stub journal is a great way for them to store and/or display their past experiences. Ideal for sentimentalists, a ticket stub journal will allow them to hang onto ticket stubs without cluttering up their home or classroom. Plus, they’ll be able to jot down fun memories related to each show. When purchasing, pay attention to how many tickets the diary will hold. Some will hold up to 100 while others creep closer to the thousands. Evaluate how many concerts you think they go to a year and purchase accordingly.

Cool Posters

If your teacher likes a certain rock band or style of music, there are a lot of sites that sell cool vintage posters. Just be aware that originals will be on the expensive side, so if you’re going for an original be sure to save up. Don’t worry, though, because sites like this sell replicas for a fraction of the cost. If you want to go the extra mile, consider having the print professionally framed. This way it’ll be ready to display the second they open it. Who knows, they may just hang it proudly in the classroom!

A Book or Two

If you know who their favorite singer or musician is, why not give your music teacher a copy of their autobiography? If you aren’t sure who they like, you can keep it general by giving them a classic, like How Music Works by David Byrne or This is Your Brain on Music: the Science of a Human Obsession. You should be able to find both at your local bookstore or online, and if you look hard enough you might just be able to get your hands on an autographed copy or a first edition of their favorite book.

A Music & Arts Gift Card

Chances are your teacher spends plenty of their hard earned cash on supplies for the classroom, which they might not be reimbursed for in full by the school. A Music & Arts gift card is sure to go a long way, and can be used for everything from accessories and sheet music to instruments. Even if they prefer to do their shopping online they can still use their gift card. Plus, with this gift, you won’t have to worry about colors, sizes, or personal preference. Just head to your local store, add an amount that seems fitting, and be prepared to impress your teacher by giving them what they really want for Teacher Appreciation Week.


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