Supercharge Your Music and Media Education with Modern Hardware Devices

Today’s high-tech hardware devices are filled with beneficial technologies for music and media education. Designed with purpose-built controls and functions, they enable educators and students to get things done in a direct way, easily and without frustration. The very best devices are rugged and reliable, and can seamlessly extend their functionality through integration with smartphones and computers.  

The Portable Audio Recorder—An Everyday Tool

In any education environment, the ability to capture audio is a must. While a smartphone can accomplish this, its built-in mono mic doesn’t provide great sound quality, and connecting external mics and peripheral devices is fussy and inconvenient. A modern handheld recorder is a much better choice, giving you a dedicated tool that produces far superior recordings than any smartphone alone can deliver.

Roland’s pocket-size R-07 recorder is perfect for practice sessions, recitals, concerts, lessons, interviews, and more. It records high-resolution WAV and MP3 audio to a standard microSD card for easy transfer to a computer, and features an integrated stereo condenser microphone that captures studio-quality sound. It’s even possible to mount the unit on a stand for optimum placement, and record the output of a keyboard or mixer directly.

Smart functions like one-touch Scene memories, Dual Recording, and Hybrid Limiting make setup effortless, allowing anyone to produce clean and clear recordings every time. The R-07 also incorporates the latest Bluetooth tech for remote control from a smartphone or Apple Watch and wireless listening via Bluetooth headphones.

Hassle-Free Video Production with an All-in-One A/V Mixer

Being able to produce quality video content is essential in today’s active social media world. There’s lots of gear available to get the job done, but bringing it all together requires specialized knowledge and skills. An A/V mixer like Roland’s VR-4HD greatly simplifies things, bypassing the steep learning curve by combining several pieces of complex A/V equipment into one standalone device.

The VR-4HD is a complete HD studio with an audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touchscreen, and USB video/audio streaming interface. From this compact command center, one person can easily switch video sources and mix live sound using dedicated panel controls and intuitive touchscreen navigation.

The Roland Aerophone—A Unique and Powerful Digital Wind Instrument

Digital pianos, synthesizers, and other types of keyboards have long been mainstays in music education, and Roland is well known as a leader in making these instruments. Recently, they’ve pioneered an all-new digital wind instrument that’s quickly finding a place in education environments as well.

Roland’s Aerophone opens a world of expressive possibilities for saxophonists and other wind players. Traditional sax fingering and familiar button controls provide an easy transition for any saxophone student. Soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone sax sounds are built in, plus additional sounds like clarinet, flute, oboe, trumpet, violin, and more. Roland’s latest synth sounds are included too, fully optimized for breath control. The Aerophone has onboard speakers and runs on batteries, and can be connected to a PA or amp for broader sound coverage. And by plugging in headphones, students can practice anytime and anywhere without disturbing others.  

With its powerful digital sound engine, the Aerophone brings immense versatility and convenience to the music classroom. It can take the place of large, expensive instruments like tuba and bassoon, and provide modern tones with its synth sounds. Marching band programs are even using the Aerophone with wireless audio systems in field shows. And with its USB-MIDI capabilities, the instrument is a uniquely expressive controller for working in music labs and composing with DAWs and notation software.  

About the Author:

Jim Bybee

Technical Writer, Marketing Communications, Roland Corporation U.S.

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