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Understanding The Difference: Student Model Instruments vs. Advanced Instruments

updated 4/10/2022 Finding the right instrument is incredibly important. And while student instruments can be great for beginners just getting started, they can eventually hinder the progress of students who are further along their musical journey. If your child has become comfortable with their instrument and is committed to playing, it may be time to […]

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When Is It Time to Step Up Your Instrument?

Whether your child is enrolled in private music lessons or is involved in band or orchestra at school, chances are they’re playing a beginner-level instrument. It’s not uncommon for budding musicians to rent or buy a beginner instrument to play before they step up to a higher-quality instrument. After all, the last thing any parent […]

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What’s a Step-Up Instrument (& Why a Rental is a Good Choice)

A step-up instrument is the instrument that gives you a “step-up” from student models to a professional model. They are the in between instrument that works perfect for learners making their way to a professional status. The step-up instrument is the perfect transitional tool between the two. These are great instruments to learn from and […]

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