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5 Practice Tips for the Summer Months

5 Practice Tips for Your Summer Music Lessons

Summer is here! While homemade lemonade, trips to the beach, and sleeping in are perks of the season, the interrupted schedules and lapsed routines are not. If you’re a parent who is…

How To Master Any Instrument by Setting Music Goals

Setting music goals is one of the best ways to quickly become a skilled musician. Learn how setting goals can help musicians of all ages and experience levels.

How To Turn Music Practice Frustrations into Progress

Music practice frustrations are common and can happen to musicians of all ages and levels. Here are some ways to overcome frustration when learning an instrument.

Motivate Students to Practice This Summer

How many of your students will practice this summer? How many will even get their instrument out of the case? It’s easy for kids to have an “out of sight, out of…

Beginner’s Luck: Easy Play-Along Method Books

Teaching is an art form that positively touches the lives of our students.  I’ve seen many changes and improvements of this art in my 50+ years of public school and studio teaching. …

Making Your Practice Time Count

Making Your Practice Time Count

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up a stringed instrument for the first time and immediately play like an experienced pro? One can only dream – of course, the greatest…