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Practice Your Instrument

Practice Your Instrument In These Exciting Ways

Practicing a musical instrument is essential for skill development and mastery. However, traditional practice routines can sometimes become monotonous, leading to a lack of motivation and enthusiasm. To combat this, musicians often seek innovative and exciting ways to make their practice sessions more enjoyable and productive. Here are some fresh and creative approaches to practice […]

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Learn Classic Rock Guitar

How to Practice While On Vacation

Practicing while on vacation is a long debated topic. Some are in the school of thought that it’s good to take a mental and physical break every once in awhile, while others think too long of a break can put a wrench in the progress a student has made so far. Regardless of which school […]

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Skipping Summer Practice? Try Running a Marathon With No Training!

School’s out for the summer and with it your child’s regular school music classes have come to an end for the term. Time to let them kick back, right? Well while the summer months are a great time for your kids to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation, if your young musician […]

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5 Practice Tips for the Summer Months

5 Practice Tips for Your Summer Music Lessons

Summer is here! While homemade lemonade, trips to the beach, and sleeping in are perks of the season, the interrupted schedules and lapsed routines are not. If you’re a parent who is concerned about keeping your child’s music lesson practice schedule maintained throughout the warm, summer months… you’ve come to the right place! Many student […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Creating An Ideal Practice Environment

Designating a regular practice space shows you’re serious about your musical interest. By removing distractions and setting up a place that’s completely dedicated to your music practice or online lessons, you’ll be giving yourself a consistent place to experiment and explore music. Dedicated practice spaces should be clean, provide easy access to instruments, equipment, and […]

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Why You Should Continue Music Lessons This Summer

When you think about summer, things like camping trips, hanging out at the beach, and BBQs probably come to mind. Summer is definitely the season for fun, but that doesn’t mean you should skip music education this season. Keeping up with your music lessons, and regular music practice, takes work. However, it can absolutely be […]

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Guilt-Free Screen Time | Music Software, Practice Apps, and More

For many parents, technology and screen time are a constant source of frustration between them and their kids. With smartphones, gaming, and social media platforms taking so much time and attention from today’s kids, it makes sense why many view tech as a dreaded nemesis when it comes to parenting. But the truth is that […]

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How To Master Any Instrument by Setting Music Goals

Setting music goals is one of the best ways to quickly become a skilled musician. Learn how setting goals can help musicians of all ages and experience levels.

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How To Turn Music Practice Frustrations into Progress

Music practice frustrations are common and can happen to musicians of all ages and levels. Here are some ways to overcome frustration when learning an instrument.

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Starting a New Band? Check Out These Essential Tips

People get into music for a lot of reasons. After all, there are several personal benefits to learning to play a musical instrument. For a lot of people, the desire to create music as a form of artistic expression or even as a career inspires them to start their musical journey. Many are inspired by […]

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