Myths About Music Lessons and Learning Music

If you’ve never taken music lessons before, the experience is probably a lot different than what you’re expecting. No matter your age, experience level, or goals, learning music is a powerful way to enrich your life. However, this doesn’t keep misconceptions about music lessons from convincing some people they’re not worth the time and effort. If you’re on the fence, read up on these realities of taking music lessons:

“I won’t have time to practice”

This is one of the biggest reasons people don’t take music lessons, but you’ve limited yourself before you’ve even begun.  If you want to bring the joy of music into your life, Music & Arts offers in-person and remote lessons that fit around your busy schedule. While consistent practice will make you a better musician, perfect is always the enemy of the good in music. Experienced instructors understand that life gets in the way of music sometimes and can help create lesson plans and manageable practice schedules to accommodate you accordingly. 

“I won’t get to learn music I actually like”

Not true! This is a harmful misconception because it keeps many people from learning music. Expert instructors know that teaching the music their students are actually interested in is key to their success. That’s why Music & Arts instructors personally tailor lessons to their students’ unique musical interests. So whether you’re into Taylor Swift or Chopin, they’ll teach you what you actually like to listen to. 

“There’s no value in learning music”

Music isn’t just for professional musicians. Music is for all of us. Learning music will benefit you in profound ways, regardless if you go pro or simply like to play songs around home for family and friends. From proven cognitive and emotional gains to forging valuable social connections, there is incredible value in learning music. It’s also important to note that there are countless performance opportunities for musicians, no matter how famous or successful they are. Vibrant communities rely on music, so there are always opportunities to contribute if you know how to sing, write music, or play an instrument. Learn more about the many benefits of music education.

“Music lessons are only for kids”

You’re never too old to start learning how to play an instrument, sing, or write music. As adults, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that the joy of taking on a new challenge is only for kids. But the truth is that learning an instrument has benefits for adults. Learning music as an adult improves memory, provides important social benefits, and delivers something that’s truly priceless and not always easy for adults to find: genuine, uninhibited fun. 

“I can teach myself”

There’s no doubt that we’re living in an incredible age when it comes to DIY education. YouTube videos help us cook, tackle home improvement projects, and yes, even to learn music. But while technology is a great supplement in music education, it can’t replace the knowledge, passion, and hands-on experience of working with an instructor. Every student is different and needs a unique form of instruction. Videos and books are a one-size-fits-all solution, while lessons are personalized and tailored to your exact needs. 

“Lessons are not in my budget”

With lessons starting as low as $23, Music & Arts offers customized programs to fit every budget. If you want music to be a part of your life, the passionate and dedicated teaching staff at Music & Arts will work to find the priced-to-match experience you are looking for.

Music lessons at Music & Arts

Your local Music & Arts location offers in-person and remote music instruction to meet your unique needs. From guitar instruction to lessons for band and orchestral instruments, our university-trained teaching staff is committed to helping you thrive through music. Learn more about music lessons at Music & Arts today!

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