Top 5 Gifts for Your Musical Dad

Everyone knows that musical dads are the coolest dads around. From hip choral directors to dads in bands, there are countless ways that the fathers in our lives pursue and enjoy music. If you’re contemplating what gift to get your amazing musical Dad, consider one of these ideas:

A brand new instrument

Nothing will put a bigger smile on your Dad’s face than a new instrument. Whether he’s interested in picking up an instrument like the guitar for the first time or is in dire need of an instrument upgrade, there are loads of great options out there to fit your Pop’s specific needs and your budget. The gift of an instrument is incredibly special, and can bring your Dad joy for years to come.

For multi-instrumentalist dads, an amazing option to consider is a keyboard with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) functionality. Many of these instruments come stocked with a vast assortment of exciting sounds to explore, but the MIDI component gives musicians the ability to access and edit sounds through their computers. In short, if your musical Dad is into music composition, picking him up a new keyboard will make his day, year, or quite possibly the lovable guy’s entire life. 

Music creation software

Creative dads who love music will be thrilled to get music creation software. This technology gives users the power to compose music with exciting digital instruments like synths, electronic beats, and lifelike orchestral sounds. For dad musicians who want to broaden their music composition toolkits, the amazing features included in these software programs will do the trick. 

Recording gear

Microphones, cables, mixing consoles, and recording software are phenomenal gifts for musically inclined dads. These are essential tools for musicians who want to create, record, and produce music professionally, but they’re also great for improving performances by recording practice sessions in pristine quality. 


Every musical dad needs music accessories––guitar strings, reeds, music and microphone stands, etc. If you’re not a musician yourself, you may not realize it, but basic accessories like these are essential for allowing musicians to perform on their instruments. By picking up the music accessories that match with your Dad’s specific needs, you’ll be giving him the gift of being able to play music. So whether you’re in need of some stocking stuffers or some small gift ideas, your Dad will be thrilled to be gifted music accessories. 

Sheet music and songbooks

If the musical dad in question is a serious musician, the gift of new sheet music is something he’ll be sure to appreciate. From songbooks from popular artists to challenging instrumental works, there’s an endless array of options to meet every musician’s unique interests and needs. 

Bonus gift idea: music lessons

Music lessons are a great gift idea whether your musical Dad is a seasoned musician or is new to music. Music is something that musicians can always improve at and further explore, which is what makes it so rewarding. Working with a passionate and experienced music instructor can give your Dad the tools to deepen his understanding, ability, and love of music. Learn more about music lessons at Music & Arts today!

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