Top Songs for Beginners to Learn on the Piano

Contrary to popular opinion, learning to play the piano does not have to boring! When you discover just the right music that can inspire you those daunting hours spent practicing can fly by, leaving you feeling energized and accomplished. Discover new genres by thinking outside the dry and dreary usuals. Finding a new piece to learn is not quite as difficult as you have probably imagined, either. In the world of piano music, there is something suitable for just about every taste and lifestyle.

These days, luckily for you, music is everywhere and quite often, your radio favorites have already been transposed into piano chords. We wanted to help our aspiring pianists out a little bit, so we went ahead and compiled a list of genres with corresponding piano music just for you. Who knows, you just might discover your new favorite while you are at it! Go ahead and dust off your piano keys and get ready to make some sweet, sweet music.

Get Ready to Rock!

Let’s get you started off with some rock classics. These are guaranteed to impress even your worst critic. These songs only sound difficult, and are quite easy to learn.  For even more rock ‘n’ roll gems, make sure you pick up a copy of The Only Chord Book You Will Ever Need

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“Let it Be” – The Beatles– This quintessential favorite is a rite of passage for every new pianist. It has four chords that you can learn to play.  

“Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd– One of Southern rock music’s most iconic songs, chances are you already know what it sounds like, so learning to play it should be a breeze!

“Werewolves of London” – Warren Zevon– This song is just as much fun to sing along with as it is to play.  With only a few uncomplicated chords, this song ranks in as one of the easiest rock songs to master.

Jazz Up Your Talent

Do not be intimidated by this classy genre. Once you get down these basic Jazz songs, you’ll be playing them 24/7. Are you looking for even more inspiration? Take a look at the First 50 Jazz Standards.

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“Summertime”- Ella Fitzgerald– Jazz just doesn’t quite sound right, without the Queen of Jazz herself, Ella Fitzgerald! This lovely melody will bring a smile to anyone within earshot.

“Fly Me to the Moon”- Frank Sinatra– Really class up the joint with this smooth ballad!

“Fever” – Peggy Lee– Get up and get moving with some authentic Peggy Lee. Her compositions are full of feel good vibes.  

Discover the Magic of Orchestra

Have you always dreamed of playing in an orchestra? Get your fingers primed and ready with some elegant Orchestra basics. Oh, and make sure you continue your journey with a copy of the Boosey & Hawkes Concerto for Orchestra.


“Prelude to the Well Tempered Clavichord” – Bach– Consider adding this romantic yet simple piece to your repertoire.

“A Little Night Music”- Mozart– The cathartic traits of this piece by the Great Mozart has earned it’s rightful title as a Masterpiece.

“Prelude in E Minor, Opus 28, No.4” – Frederic Chopin– If you give this sorrowful minor a try, you’ll find yourself wanting to explore many more of Chopin’s masterworks.

Go Ahead, Sing the Blues

You certainly don’t have to be feeling blue, to appreciate the beauty of blues piano music. Can’t get enough of this soulful genre? Check out  the book Alfred Sitting In Blues Piano Standard.

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“Boogie Woogie Stomp”-Albert Ammons– Not only is it fun to say, but it’s even more fun to play! Try these simple piano licks of Albert Ammons most signature style.

“Jambalaya” -Fats Domino– Get ready to boogie with this ear pleasing tune! The chords are very quick and easy to get down.

“What I Say” -Ray Charles– Don’t be afraid to bring up the tempo a bit! This tune will surely amp up and impress the crowd. (Because it sounds a lot more difficult to play than it really is!)

Have Fun With Pop

Pop music isn’t just for the nostalgic 90s era… It’s a timeless genre that you will have a ton of fun adding to your arsenal. Take your lessons a step further by investing in Alfred the Giant Book of Pop.

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“Billie Jean” -Michael Jackson– You already know all the lyrics to this song, so why not learn to play it too? Excite your friends when you bust this one out paired with some live vocals!

“If I Ain’t Got You”-Alicia Keys– The pop powerhouse Alicia Keys has created many masterpieces, consider this one your official rite of passage into pop.

“Clocks” -Coldplay– The creative genius of Coldplay plus a piano melody can only mean one thing: fine art. The chords are absolutely beautiful!

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