Treat Yo’Self (In Case You Didn’t Get What You Wanted This Christmas)

Once the gift-giving season begins, we all eagerly make our holiday wish lists and fill them with our most sought-after toys and gadgets. But it’s not always that we get everything we wanted and sometimes, we simply get the wrong things. In case you didn’t quite get what you wanted this Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite items. Now go on, treat yo’self!

Vandoren Alto Saxophone Reeds

Whether a serious musician or a beginner, you’ve probably heard of Vandoren reeds. Traditional reeds are most popular for their flawless response and flexible tones for clarinets and saxophones alike. These Vandoren Alto Saxophone Reeds are the gift you missed out on as they produce extremely pure sound and ensures both clarity and freshness to your playtime.

Vandoren SR21 Traditional series alto reeds are characterized by a pure sound that is a result of a very thin reed tip that is balanced by a solid vertical column.




Vandoren Reed Case

Perhaps you received a few saxophone reeds, but the case got overlooked. That’s OK cause we’ve got you covered. Both convenient and effective, the Vandoren Reed Case was designed to fit in a shirt pocket and provide the exact amount of ventilation needed to prevent the reeds from warping. The Alto saxophone reed case holds up to six reeds while the clarinet or soprano saxophone case holds eight.


Designed to fit in a shirt pocket and provide the exact amount of ventilation needed to prevent the reeds from warping, the Vandoren reed case is the next evolution in reed cases.




WolfPak Colors Series Flute Case

There’s one last gift underneath the Christmas tree and you know in your heart, it’s that flute you’ve been after for months. Only problem is you can’t seem to find the case and that’s because it was the gift that got left behind. Treat Yo’self with the WolfPak Colors Series Lightweight Polyfoam Flue Case and ensure your precious instrument is protected between uses. This case features a rugged, nylon exterior, stylish handle, heavy-duty zippers and an adjustable shoulder strap. 

The Wolfpak WPFL-PK Flute Case features a rugged, nylon exterior.


Jo-Ral TPT-1A Trumpet Straight Mute

From jazz to classical, treat yo’self with the Jo-Ral Trumpet Straight Mute for exciting tonal quality with  near-perfect intonation. Made of spun aluminum, this mute had been tested to perform evenly in all registers and features neoprene-enhances composite cork pads that provide extra durability. Whether it’s a gift you wanted and never received or you just added this to your list of instrument add-ons, you will fall in love with this mute the moment you put it on your horn.


Sound Percussion Labs Kicker Pro 3-Piece Drum Set

Drum kits are always on an aspiring musician’s wish list, but it’s not often we find them under our Christmas trees. In case you didn’t get the drum set of your dreams this year, we’ve got a kit that will turn your frown upside down. The Sound Percussion Labs D2518MG Kicker Pro 3-Piece Drum Kit is a drum set designed for junior drummers with full-size passion for music. Built to the same standards as full-size kits with real multi-ply wood shells, fully tunable and replaceable top and bottom heads, and sleek black hardware and accents. It features a 16″x 12″ kick drum, 10″x 4″ snare drum, 8″x 5″ tom, all stands, two cymbals, throne, kick pedal, tuning key and a pair of sticks

The Sound Percussion Labs D1316 Lil Kicker 3-Piece drum kit is a drum set designed for junior drummers with full-size passion for music.




Williams Rhapsody 88-Key Console Digital Piano

The Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano is the perfect addition to your home or studio, filling the space with impressive looks and great sound. Crafted around 12 custom sounds from a world-renown grand piano, vintage electric pianos, organs, strings, synths and more, this digital piano includes fully weighted keys and provides an outstanding feel and response. An elegant instrument with PVC wood-like finish that looks great with just about any décor, this piano includes 12 demo songs, USB MIDI port, 2-track recorder, and convenient features such as split/layer, transpose, metronome, plus separate headphone and stereo out jacks.


Bellafina Bavarian Series Viola Outfit

This traditional violin is the ultimate treat yo’self-gift. Carefully-crafted with spruce and maple from European-aged tone woods, it has a beautiful red-brown finish and produces quality sound for the seasoned musician. Fully equipped with a premium Brazilwood octagonal bow, upgraded oblong case and ships with Dominant A, D, G strings and a Pirastro Goldlabel E string. 


Bellafina starts with spruce and maple from European aged tonewoods. The wood is then hand-rubbed, bringing out the attractive flame of the wood, resulting in beautiful red brown finish.







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