Under $10: The Best Gifts for Musicians 2020

When it comes to gifts for musicians, big ticket items like new instruments and professional recording gear comes to mind first for most people. While those gift ideas are stellar ways to celebrate the special musicians in our lives, it’s easy to forget that it doesn’t take a significant amount of money to make musicians happy. In fact, there are plenty of great gifts geared for musicians under ten bucks, aka the cost of a burrito. If you’re searching for amazing gift ideas under $10 for musicians, look no further!

Guitar and ukulele picks

For the uninitiated, guitar picks are the small, triangular pieces of plastic or metal that guitarists and ukulele players use to play. Ideal for stuffing stockings or hiding inside larger gifts, picks prove that it doesn’t take much to make musicians very, very happy. For many players, these small items aren’t just optional extras, but are crucial for producing specific sounds and playing styles. That makes picks essential items and great gift options.

Picks often differ depending on thickness, size, and materials used. Heavy guitar picks might be ideal for rock and metal players, while medium, felt, and soft picks can be used for acoustic players and for sounds with more dynamic playing. Some picks are held by guitarists and uke players, and others are attached to their thumbs.

Lip balm

Dry, cracked lips are the bane of the existence of many musicians, especially if they play a brass or woodwind instrument. Lip balm is an absolute necessity for some players, and in addition to helping brass and woodwind players, it makes a great and inexpensive gift for any serious musicians who finds themselves performing outdoors frequently. 

Glass guitar slides

If you’re looking for an incredible sound-shaping item to give a special guitarist in your life, a glass guitar slide is a great option. Plus, this nifty item won’t run you more than $10. The distinct sound of the slide is predominantly used in blues rock, but it’s increasingly being adopted by players who specialize in indie rock. This item easily fits on a guitarist’s finger and creates a completely different sound that players wouldn’t be able to produce otherwise. A must-have item for guitarists, you can’t do much better for under $10.

D’Addario Planet Waves Quick-Release Guitar Strap System

You can place this item in the category of gifts that make guitarist’s lives a whole lot easier. The D’Addario Planet Waves Quick-Release Guitar Strap System is an extremely helpful item that makes practicing, recording, and performing easier for guitarists. The system quickly and easily attaches to the headstock of the guitar and releases instantly with the touch of a button––no frustrating knot-tying needed. Musicians are always looking for ways to better focus on their craft, and this tool fits the bill and is a great time-saver for guitarists. 

Stagg 4 Jingle Cutaway Tambourine

Tambourines are incredible assets for any musician who performs live and records. Their distinct metallic jangle adds color and rhythm to acoustic performances, rock recordings, and improv sessions. And, best of all, you can pick up a great one for under $10!

Guitar strings

If you’re not a guitar player yourself, you might not realize it but guitar strings are massively important in the life of a guitarist. The types of strings a guitarist uses have a direct impact on the sound of their playing. Light and super light strings are best suited for fingerpicking and delicate playing, while heavier gauges are built for rock, metal, jazz, and other styles. It’s also important to remember that the sort of strings available are designed for specific styles of guitar: acoustic, electric, and classical.

The guitarist in your life will be absolutely thrilled to receive strings as a gift because they break and wear down and constantly need to be replaced. 

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