Under $25: The Best Gifts for Musicians 2020

If you’re not a musician yourself, you may think that this unique group of people can be challenging to shop for, especially when it comes to cost. But the good news is that there are plenty of incredible gift options out there that will make the special musician in your life happy that are under $25. While big ticket items are important in the life of a musician, modestly priced music accessories are constantly in demand from people who regularly play their instruments. Today we’re sharing amazing gift ideas that won’t run you more than $25 bucks!

Guitar and ukulele capos

For serious guitarists and uke players, capos are essential accessories. These simple yet important devices clamp down on the neck guitars and ukuleles and drastically alter their sonic range as a result. There’s an endless amount of material that musicians can’t play without capos, which makes these handy devices an incredible gift that your guitarist or uke player will be happy to receive.  

And if you’re planning on shopping for a ukulele player, consider getting them a Ukulele Gig Bag

Instrument straps and harmonica neck holders

Instrument straps aren’t boring gifts! They’re hugely important music accessories that allow musicians to perform their instruments comfortably and confidently. Guitar straps can be adjusted to specific lengths to meet a player’s unique needs, and some come with helpful auto-lock features to provide extra security while guitarists are rocking out. There are terrific strap options under $25 for mandolins and banjos, and if the musician in your life wants to play the guitar while blowing into the harmonica Bob Dylan-style, a harmonica neck holder will make the perfect gift. 

Harmonicas and tin whistles

Ideal for budding musicians and seasoned players alike, these instruments are fun, affordable, and make great gifts. From stylish blues harmonicas to ones built to mimic the iconic look and sound of classic models, harmonicas are a great way to go. And if the musician in your life loves Celtic music, tin whistles deliver the captivating sounds of Ireland for under $25. These instruments are not only great for experienced players, but also make for excellent starter instruments for new and inexperienced musicians. 

Humidifier for acoustic guitar

This is an essential item for acoustic guitar players. These wood-bodied instruments are susceptible to cracking in dry conditions, and can do so even during short periods of weather that lack humidity. By keeping humidifiers inside acoustic guitars when they’re not being played, musicians can ensure that their instruments won’t become damaged.

Keyboard sustain pedal

Another great gift for under $25, this sustain pedal is an crucial piece of gear for keyboard players. When pressed down, it sustains the notes that are being played on the instrument, and it provides an essential sound that players can’t get any other way. 

Portable tuners and metronomes 

Staying tuned and keeping time are two of the biggest priorities of musicians, making these affordable gifts in high demand from anyone who plays an instrument. Electronic metronomes can be customized to fit the specific rhythmic needs of musicians, while chromatic tuners help them to keep their instruments tuned to the exact right pitch. 

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