Under $50: The Best Gifts for Musicians 2020

Lots of people in our lives are hard to buy gifts for, whether it’s a reserved co-worker or a teenager who’s just started to explore their interests. Luckily, musicians are incredibly easy to shop for, and you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet to make them happy. In fact, for under $50, there are plenty of amazing gift options that will thrill the special musician in your life this year. 

PGA48 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Dynamic vocal microphones are perfect for recording, performing live, or streaming performances. This top-rated microphone delivers the pristine sound quality of professional-grade gear for under $50. Even if the special musician in your life isn’t a singer, this is a great mic for talking to audiences during live-streams and teaching or taking music lessons remotely. 

Black Beauty Cowbell

Nothing can replace the iconic sound of the cowbell. Perfect for musicians who record and perform with bands and small ensembles, this excellent cowbell delivers a distinct, professional sound, and it costs less than $25 to purchase. 

Synthetic Compact Junior Djembe

Perfect for everyone from professional musicians down to young children learning about music for the first time, this Djembe makes for a stellar gift under $50. Sized smaller than typical Djembes, this instrument is great for impromptu performances and classrooms with youn music students.

iRig 2 Guitar Interface for iOS, Mac and Select Android Devices

The  iRig 2 Guitar Interface just might benefit the parents, spouses, and roommates of electric guitarists and bassists as much as the musicians they’re designed for. This small yet powerful interface gives players the power to perform their instruments with the audio of sound-shaping effects and amplifier emulations straight from their headphones. The user gets to rock out with the customized atmospheres of sounds they create, while everyone near them gets treated to a little peace and quiet. Doesn’t that sound nice?

ATH-M20x Closed-Back Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

High quality audio gear like professional headphones is becoming important for every kind of musician in the world of remote musical performances and music lessons. At under $50, these premium headphones are designed for professional audio recording, so you know they’ll be great for live-streaming lessons and music performances as well. 

Bongo Cajon

This is a stellar gift whether your musician is a professional drummer or is someone who likes to record their own music. Bongo cajons are wooden percussion instruments that musicians sit on while playing. They make for great teaching tools for kids as well as fun crowd-pleasers at live shows. No matter who the special musician in your life is, they’ll be absolutely thrilled to receive a bongo cajon as a gift. 


Mouthpieces are crucial for generating sounds in instruments like clarinets and saxophones. At under $50, the special clarinet or sax player in your life will be thrilled to receive a mouthpiece as a gift this year. 

TM-60 Tuner Metronome

This two-in-one device helps musicians play in time and keep their instruments in tune––in other words, it’s pretty much essential. Serious musicians and students alike need portable gear that helps to support their musical needs, and this tuner/metronome combo certainly fits the bill. 

Music & Arts has countless other great musical gift options for under $50 at their stores and on their website. Visit musicarts.com today for holiday promotions, deals, and exclusive financing options!

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