When Is It Time to Upgrade to 60 Minute Lessons?

Whether you’ve been playing your instrument for only a few months or quite a few years, you may be asking yourself the questions “Should I sign up for 60-minute lessons?” and “How will I know when I’m ready or if it’s time to upgrade?”

When someone starts learning to play any instrument, they generally begin with lessons on a basic model. This is to make sure they are going to ‘get on well’ with the instrument, demonstrate an aptitude for it, and perhaps, more importantly, gives them time to decide whether or not they’ll enjoy learning and playing the instrument in the long-term. But how do you know when it’s time to step-up your lesson game? As a newcomer looking to start with 60-minute lessons or a current student looking to upgrade from your 30-minute class, here are some examples for how to know when you’re ready. 

When You Have Extra Time

Some musicians, especially those just starting out, find themselves unable to commit a lot of time to taking lessons. The reasons vary, but busy lives full of family schedules, hectic jobs, and other obligations often mean shorter lessons are an easier outlet. If you find yourself with more flexibility, or even just a little extra “me” time, signing up for longer lessons are a great way to express yourself and explore music as a creative outlet. 

When Players Get Serious

When you first start out playing an instrument, self-teaching or 30-minute lessons may be all you need. Often with first-time musicians, players aren’t fully committed yet. Sometimes it is lack of time, trouble practicing, or lack of interest. Maybe they just haven’t found the right instrument or playing style for them. In the beginning, it’s good to give yourself plenty of time to find your niche. However, when you or your child becomes serious about playing an instrument, sooner or later it will be time to upgrade your lesson.

Some examples of what longer lessons provide 

  • More instructional time to develop the next level of skills
  • Opportunities to learn additional skills, such as Music History or Theory
  • Dedicated time to prepare for upcoming auditions
  • Time to learn new styles or genres of music

When You Grow Musically

Consider upgrading your learning experience if you hit a plateau in your playing. Whether it be self-teaching or in shorter, 30-minute lessons, there is a high possibility that you will reach a point where your current instruction simply isn’t cutting it anymore. With dedication and practice in your current study,  it will soon be time to take things to the next level. Ready to dive into building up your technique? Maybe you want to work on incorporating theory or improvisation into your lesson routine. Upgrading to 60-minute lessons allows students and educators to get down to the nitty gritty of a musician’s specific long term goals and help further their already established passion.

When You Develop a Style

Starting off on your own or with 30-minute lessons gives you time to develop your own personal style. For example, if you take a liking to playing rock music, the next step is to start devoting more time to developing your technique with an instructor that specializes in that genre of playing. Similarly, a guitar player may take a preference for the electric guitar over an acoustic one. At which point the player can really start to grow and develop mastery of their instrument through dedicated practice.

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