When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Brass Instrument?

Brass Instruments

To the non-musician eye, there’s no difference between a student trumpet and a professional one. But there’s a universe of difference between brass instruments designed to introduce students to music and those designed for professional or passionate musicians.  There comes a time in every musician’s journey when upgrading to a better instrument is necessary to maintain progress. If you’re unsure when to make the change, answering these questions will help you decide:

Is the quality of your brass instrument keeping you from playing your best?

If you’re a brass musician considering upgrading to a new instrument, you already know that all instruments aren’t created equally. Student instruments are designed to introduce inexperienced musicians to music, they are not built for professional performance and recording needs. You might be hardworking, talented, and ambitious, and as vital as those qualities are, they only take you so far. It’s impossible for brass musicians to reach their full potential when they’re playing with beginner or sub-par instruments. Even moving from a student instrument to an intermediate model can have profound impacts on your sound quality, but also the functionality and ease of play. 

Obvious signs that a current instrument isn’t cutting it anymore are noticeable declines in sound and playability. These declines are inevitable if the instrument is being played regularly, and while some models are worth repairing, it’s often a better choice to upgrade to a superior model for musicians who are serious about their craft. 

Is the student’s progress outpacing the current brass instrument’s capabilities?

When a student suspects that their current instrument is holding back their playing, it’s time to make a change. After players devote real time and dedication to learning their brass instrument, most quickly outgrow the model they started with. While a malfunctioning student French horn or trombone is an easy sign that it’s time to upgrade, it’s important to remember that student instruments are intentionally built to accommodate the needs of absolute beginners. Intermediate and professional brass instruments give players the ability to produce better tones, but also to perform routine and difficult material easier. Put simply, there’s a ceiling that can’t be surpassed when a player doesn’t move up to a brass instrument that keeps up with their progress and natural talents. 

Does the old instrument look, feel, or sound boring?

Inspiration is crucial for all musicians, including brass players. Instrument upgrades are important for helping students and professionals play and sound their best, but there’s also an important emotional element to consider. All players are more likely to love practicing, performing, and recording when they play an instrument that they’re truly excited about. There’s no doubt that upgrading to a better tuba or trumpet is a significant investment, but it’s worth it if you or your student are serious about reaching the next level of musicianship. 


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