How a “Home Recital” Can Get Your Kids Musically Engaged When They’re out of School

Whether it’s summer break or an unexpected school closure, music students often find themselves at home with lots of time on their hands. With the right motivation and planning, kids of every age and musical interest can use their downtime to creatively thrive and forge a deeper connection with their craft. But without the right focus, kids have a way of letting valuable music development opportunities slip through their fingers. Most kids thrive when they have goals to reach for, and a fantastic motivator all musical families can embrace are home recitals. 

What is a home recital?

Nothing gets music students more motivated than the prospect of performing at a recital. Student recitals are a phenomenal opportunity to build confidence and a strong musical foundation in music students. Excitement is a huge inspiration for kids who are learning music, and recitals deliver plenty of it.

Home recitals are household events that take the fun and seriousness of large student recitals and pours them into an exciting family context. You won’t be able to match the scale and resources of a large student recital, but you can create a great performance opportunity for your kids by planning fun home recitals for them. 

Tips for hosting a fun and productive home recital

Strike a balance between seriousness and fun

Creating a home recital for your music student will help motivate them in a big way if you can make the event both fun and serious. By setting up sound equipment and chairs in the living room or garage and having friends and family listen, young music students will understand that there’s a certain level of expectation to meet when it comes to preparation and performance. But leaving room for fun, spontaneity and excitement will get them emotionally invested and further motivated. 

Provide incentives for hard work

Just like a conventional music recital, the event you host in your home should be something your child prepares for and approaches with seriousness. To help sweeten the deal, offer rewards like toys, baked goods, and special privileges. Incentives can help give kids the direction and inspiration they need to make serious progress in their musical efforts. It’s also a good idea to remind your child that family and friends are excited to see them perform their best. This subtle message will convey a positive expectation for the work they devote to the recital. 

Make it an event 

To get the most out of a fun home recital, pull out the stops and make it an event. Invite friends and family, provide refreshments, and consider having a musically experienced friend or relative perform as well to motivate your child. Help your child pick out a diverse selection of the material they’re currently working on, and make sure to leave room for one or two fun songs or exercises to be performed as well. Use your creativity to make the recital as special as possible by adding decorations or working with your child to create a theme the performances are based on. 

As much as some parents would like to sit back and have their kids use their time off from school to further their music education, most will have to put in the work to push their children in the right direction. Creating fun opportunities for your child to grow musically at home demands work, but taking the time to plan fun activities like home recitals is worth the effort. 

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