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Instrument Repair: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions by many customers facing repair & maintenance problems with their instrument. This can be a scary time for you or your child, but we’re here to help.
Remember that if your question is not specifically answered here, please call our knowledgeable repair staff to learn more about our national repair network.

How much does it cost to get a repair estimate for my instrument?

All of our Repair shops offer free estimates.

How long will it take to repair my instrument?

Our repair shops work with you to get your instrument repair completed and back to you quickly. For longer more involved repairs loaner instruments may be available for use while your instrument is being repaired.

When is the best time to bring in my repair?

We recommend bringing your instrument in for repair during winter and summer breaks. Please remember that back to school season is often very busy for the repair shop, so have your instrument serviced early in the summer season to avoid the need for any last minute repairs.

Is my instrument worth repairing?
Should I repair or replace my instrument?

Most name brand instruments are worth having repaired. Instruments that are properly repaired and serviced can last for many years. For instruments requiring costly repairs we recommend discussing rental and purchase options with your local Music & Arts retail store before making a final decision.

Why do I need my instrument adjusted? Isn’t that done at the factory?

Though your instrument leaves the factory in playing condition standard wear and tear from regular use and practice affects your instrument. We suggest having your instrument serviced twice a year to keep it in good playing condition.

Do I really need my brass instrument cleaned? It doesn’t look that dirty.

Though the exterior of your instrument may not seem dirty, grease and dirt build up on the interior of your instrument. This build up causes valves and slides to become sticky or sluggish. Build up can even cause your mouthpiece to become stuck. The repair shop offers professional cleaning services to keep your instrument in good playing condition.

Does weather affect my instrument?

Weather can have a big affect on the playability of your instrument. Avoiding extreme temperature changes is important. High and low humidity can also have a big affect on how your instrument functions. Talk to a local store or repair representative in your area to find out the best way to protect your instrument in your climate.

How often should I bring my instrument into the shop?

We suggest having your instrument serviced twice a year to keep it in good playing condition. Winter and summer break are often ideal times to bring your instrument in for servicing.

Do dents affect how my instrument plays?

In some cases dents are cosmetic, but most dents do affect how your instrument plays. Dents can also affect the instruments structural integrity. It is always good to have dents removed to keep your horn in top condition.

Do you offer a maintenance plan?

Yes. Most people include Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) with their rental. LDW covers maintenance, repairs, and loss due to theft or fire while you are renting the instrument. It can be cancelled at any time, but only added at the time of rental. We also offer Instrument Maintenance Agreements (IMA) for non-rental instruments.

Where do I take my instrument to get it repaired?

Should your instrument be in need of repair, please take it to one of our stores or rental affiliates. If you are not located close to a store location, please Contact Us at 888.731.5396 for specific instructions

Where are Music & Arts repair shops located?

Music & Arts has over 30 repair shops located throughout the country. We recommend bringing your repair to your local retail store.

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