2016 Summer Camps & Music Programs

2016 Summer Camps & Music Programs

Summer is right around the corner and, as a parent or guardian, you’re probably looking for ways to keep your children occupied. Whether your teen is thinking about majoring in music in college or your middle schooler is just getting acquainted with their band or orchestra instrument, there are a variety of summer music camps and programs targeted towards both age groups and mindsets. Not only will these camps keep your child occupied over the summer months, but they’ll help your child grow their interests and talent and, in some cases, could even earn your child some college credit. Below are a few excellent summer music programs for you to consider in 2016.

Penn State Summer Music Camp

July 17-23

Also known as The Honors Music Institute, the Penn State Summer Music Camp is one of the most exciting summer camps for talented high school musicians. The intensive, week-long residential camp is located at Penn State’s University Park campus and is intended for high school students who are interested in band, orchestra, choir, jazz, or piano. Accepted students will participate in master classes and daily sectional and ensemble rehearsals, in addition to classes in subjects ranging from jazz improvisation and cartoon music to music theory and the psychology of music.The program culminates in a final performance at several public concert venues across the campus, and all students will study with renowned School of Music faculty.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

Sessions in June, July & August

Perfect for high schoolers interested in advancing their education in a specific area of music, campers at Blue Lake choose a focus of study, which include band, choir, harp, jazz, music composition, orchestra, and piano. Since students are grouped according to their proficiency, they’ll spend several hours a day in ensemble rehearsals and technique classes that are catered to their comprehension/skill level. While at Blue Lake, campers can also choose a minor, which includes a variety of traditional camp activities ranging from crafts and hiking to team sports and swimming. Each camp session runs for 10 days and is located on a 1,400 acre campus in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest.

Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music

Sessions in June, July & August

Held in southern New Hampshire, the annual Summer Chamber Music Workshop places equal focus on instruction and community and is open to musicians from 12 to 90. What sets this summer program apart from many others is the fact that students are placed in chamber groups by ability rather than age, so your child won’t feel like they’re behind or too advanced. Divided into five 10-day sessions, each student is assigned two chamber groups per session, where they’ll receive one-on-one coaching, participate in group activities, and perform in chamber groups. Note: music is chosen with the clear expectation that participants will practice and learn their parts before arriving at Apple Hill, so keep this in mind when signing up for Apple Hill.

Rock Camp USA

Sessions in June, July & August  

Ideal for kids who love to rock out, Rock Camp USA features intense performance-oriented instruction given by some of the best professional musicians in the country. Attendees can choose one of two programs: The Opening Acts Camp (ages 8-16), which is intended for participants with little to no experience, or the Headliners Camp (ages 11-19), which is for those who meet specific skill-level requirements on their instruments. While at Rock Camp, your child will have the opportunity to form a band, pick their own material, rehearse with pros, write an original song, record a CD, and play at a real venue, all while refining their skills and improving their teamwork abilities.

Boston University Tanglewood Institute

Sessions in June & July

Internationally recognized as a premier summer training program for aspiring young musicians, the Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI) is the only program of its kind that’s associated with one of the world’s greatest symphony orchestras. With intensive programs that range from orchestra and wind ensemble to composition, the program also includes two-week workshops for flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet, among other orchestral instruments. Each program varies in length and content, and includes the opportunity to work with members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. BUTI provides dorm-style housing at Boston University’s West Campus for those enrolled in the program.


For more information about local programs, speak with your child’s music educator.

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